Top Five Movies of Emma Thompson

I truly can?t remember when I first fell for Emma Thompson. Was it when MTV used to show ?The Young Ones? late on Sunday nights and Emma guest starred as one of the young twits from Footlights College, Oxbridge? Was it watching ?The Tall Guy? on video as part of my quest to see every movie she had made? (Sadly my need for completeness ended there and so I haven?t yet watched ?Impromptu? and ?Peter?s Friends.? Not so sadly, I?m glad I don?t have a compulsion to see them all, because now that would include the recently released ?Beautiful Creatures.? I?ve had my fill of beautiful supernatural people, unless it?s ?Lost Girl.?)

Those both are good possibilities, but I know myself. I?m sure it was one of several good movies that she did, a list that includes many more than five. However, when I think of the five that should be on the list, they might not be the best movies, but the movies that I want to watch again, to stew in her world for just a little while before I turn off the lights and go back to my own world. That means no ?Howard?s End? or ?The Remains of the Day? as great as they are, but instead these five that still excite me and my future viewing plans.

5. Sense and Sensibility

There?s something about Jane Austen that seems to work so well with actresses. In a nice bit of synchronicity, I have this movie ranked in the same place as I do with Kate Winslet.

4. Much Ado About Nothing

Speaking of Canadian TV programs (in case you didn?t know, ?Lost Girl? is a Canadian TV program), there?s a great one on Netflix titled, ?Slings and Arrows.? It concerns a Shakespeare Festival and each season deals with different plays of Shakespeare. Now that I?ve gotten glimpses of ?Hamlet,? ?Macbeth,? ?Romeo and Juliet? and ?King Lear,? after finishing the series? 18 episodes, I think I could use a bit of Shakespeare?s comedy. This one with Emma and Kate Beckinsale fits the bill perfectly.

3. Dead Again

I don?t want to research or think to hard on this movie, because I don?t completely remember the movie. Imagine being able to see ?The Sixth Sense? or ?The Usual Suspects? again without knowing the twist. I look forward to that treat with ?Dead Again,? and it may be a blessing for future bouts of dementia when I get old and grey.

2. Love Actually

My second favorite Christmas movie, this one has Emma, Laura Linney and Keira Knightley and that?s more than enough for me.

1. Stranger Than Fiction

A little bit of comedy and a little bit of a surreal story in the vein of one of my favorite screenwriters, Charlie Kaufmann, I haven?t seen this one since it was in theaters. After almost seven years, it?s time to watch this one again.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Emma Thompson top five?

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