Key Looks of 2013

Men?s fashion is a slow cycle- trends tend to stay afloat for months on end. It?s easy to keep your look fresh and modern by adding a just a few key pieces to your basic wardrobe each year. Just remember to take them out of your clothing rotation once they become dated! Here are a few of the trends which are already dominating fashion of 2013, and which will probably stick around for the entire year.

Crazy coats

Prominently printed or colorful overcoats are one of the key pieces for the cooler months of 2013. Nail the look with a long pea coat, extending to your mid-thigh, in a paisley or striped print. Some of the coats out this year are quite flamboyant, which is interesting but not always flattering as the pattern and bulk envelops the wearer. If you stick to dark colors you should actually manage to look good while you embrace the trend. Note that this style will not be as long-lived as some of the other current trends. Generally the weirder and less flattering a trend is, the quicker it will become outdated.

Geometric prints

Garments featuring bold geometric prints, particularly with plenty of squares, are high on the fashion agenda for the year. Hot off the runways but easy to adopt into your everyday style, geometric prints are bold and require plenty of confidence. Apply it to your top half or accessories only- adopting the style on your bottom half will result in that unfortunate chef pants look. A tee shirt with a black and white checkers-style print is a casual on the look, while a belt is a subtle alternative. A more fashion-forward way is by combining it with the outlandish coat trend- tick the box for both trends with a geometrically printed raincoat.

The preppie look

The stylish and sleek Ivy League look has long been trendy, but some seasons it becomes even more prominent. Now is one of those times. Items like chinos, tailored jackets, boat shoes and polo shirts have never been hotter. The best aspect of the resurgence of preppie styling is that you should be able to incorporate its signature pieces into your wardrobe for years to come. Also, preppie clothing tends to be fairly nondescript so provides a stylish but neutral backdrop for the statement pieces of your outfit.

Bright colors

Fashion is certainly attention seeking of late- not only is it dominated by distinctive prints, but they are also in bright colors. Note that bright does not mean neon- it?s not the eighties anymore; please don?t dress like a highlighter. The colors are vivid, but slightly musky. Within the last few years, maroon and navy blue have been trusty options but lately they have become pass?. Mustard yellow seems to be the color of the moment, which intersects perfectly with the Ivy League trend as chinos and knitted jumpers are commonly found in mustard as well as other colors which go well with it such as burgundy and green.

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