Getting Her to Notice You

You?re interested in a girl you see fairly often, yet she acts as though you don?t exist. You may work in the same place or share the same social circle, but she?s barely said a word to you in all the time you?ve been around each other. You aren?t sure if she hates you, so you don?t want to start talking to her first just in case. Here?s how to make her notice you and be the one to break the ice.

She has noticed you!

She may pretend not to see you, but she is fully aware that you exist. Even if she knows nothing about you, if she has encountered you enough times she will have noticed you. It turns out that your objective isn?t actually getting her to notice you, it?s getting her to acknowledge you- there?s a huge difference.

Pretend she doesn?t exist

If she has been giving you the cold shoulder, you give it right back to her. Once she sees that you are not falling over yourself to win her attention- especially if she usually has plenty of guys vying for it- she will become intrigued. The worst thing you could do if she has been acting like you don?t exist, is try really hard to get some acknowledgement from her. She won?t respect you and she may even be repelled by your efforts. Pretend like you don?t care and you?ve already improved your chances.

Pique her interest

Attract her attention subtly by being mysterious and interesting, so she feels compelled to talk to you and figure you out. You want to be like a less lame, less glittery version of Edward Cullen from Twilight. Realising that this is how you need to present yourself is only the first step- now comes the hard part of enacting it without being too obvious. The best way to do this is by using other people. Build your social proof- if everyone else wants to know you, she will start to wonder what?s so great about you that you have everyone else intrigued.

Keep her insulated from the boring details of your life- for example, if you have her on Facebook, don?t post boring status updates about getting stuck in traffic or what you had for dinner. You could however use social networking to your favour by posting witty snippets and checking in to cool places that she might be interested in. Hot tip: only check into places that you are actually at, otherwise it could get awkward if she asks you about it.

The half-smile

You won?t melt an ice queen with a grin. You need to give her back the same cold treatment that she?s subjecting you to. At the same time, you don?t want to give off the impression that you are angry or depressed. This is where the half-smile can be a deadly weapon, particularly if you look good while you do it. It?s friendly, but not too friendly. It?s mysterious, but not broody. Don?t overdo the half-smile, but on the off chance you make eye contact it won?t go astray.

When it doesn?t work

She may never talk to you even if you are doing everything right. In this case your options are limited: either you give up, or you take a chance and initiate contact with her. The worst that can happen is she confirms that she thinks you?re a weirdo, so it?s worth taking the risk.

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