Rocking the Carrot Cuff

You have to be bold to wear carrot cuff pants, one of the quirkier trends of 2013. While the look is a subtle one, it?s very different to the run-of-the-mill men?s fashion of late.

What?s a carrot cuff?

Carrot cuffs refers to a way of cuffing pants, particularly chinos. The fabric is gathered and elasticised around the ankle. However, unlike the much hated female equivalent of harem pants, the pants themselves are fitted rather than billowy. Some carrot cuffs have small zips on the side, these should only be worn unzipped when the shape of your shoes necessitates it.

They?re not track pants

Some track pants have a similarly elasticised ankle to carrot cuffs. However, carrot cuffed pants are a little less sloppy than trackies. If your supposedly carrot cuffed pants are made from fleece or nylon, they are track or sweat pants. Carrot cuffed pants are invariably made from stiffer materials, such as denim or cotton blends.

So your chinos don?t get confused with sweat pants gone wrong, don?t pair them with sporty attire. A basketball vest is rarely a good idea, but when combined with carrot cuffs, you will look like you?re going to the gym but are too stupid to wear pants you?re able to move in. It?s best to steer clear of sports branded clothing for the same reason, with the exception of Converse shoes.

Shoes to wear when you?re carrot cuffing

Being a trend most appropriate for casual wear and usually found on slim-fitting chinos, a pair of canvas shoes goes well with carrot cuffed pants. Dress shoes are too formal to combine with carrot cuffed pants.
You need to pick a slimline style of shoe- a pair of fat Air Force Ones, which normally look good when combined with chinos, do not suit carrot cuffs. As they are tight around the ankle, a pair of shoes which is too thick, particularly if they are high-top, will make your ankles look tiny and fragile.

The rest of your outfit

There isn?t a prescriptive outfit that needs to be worn with carrot cuff pants. Keep your outfit modern and streamlined. Anything that?s too puffy, for example a thick sweater or sneakers as mentioned above, will dwarf your ankles in carrot cuffs. Cardigans go well with carrot cuffs, but they are certainly not your only option for your top half. Anything from a patterned tee shirt to a turtleneck can look good with carrot cuff chinos. Don?t wear too much jewelry as it?s such a casual look.

They make you look short

The drawback to carrot cuffed pants is they cut off your leg line prematurely, making your legs look shorter than they are. By extension, the rest of you looks short as well. Some carrot cuff pants have a lowered crotch, making you look even shorter. If you?re an exceptionally short guy, carrot cuffs are not for you.

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