Top Five Movies of Tina Fey

This may be a clich?, but when I think of Tina Fey, I think of the smart girl that?s portrayed in teen movies as the ugly girl because she wears glasses. I think Tina has cultivated that image in ?30 Rock? through her character Liz Lemon and her self-deprecating humor. So it shouldn?t be a surprise that I, like many others, feel she is very attractive to go with very funny, since it is only bad hair and glasses that seem to paint her as ?unattractive.? (Then again, it could just be a way to appeal to guys that have a nerd girl fetish or in other words, like girls with glasses.)

Within ?30 Rock? she addressed the pretty girls and humor and objectifying women in the episode ?TGS Hates Women? where a smart intelligent comedian created a sexualized version of herself. Liz Lemon thought it demeaning and found proof of the comedian?s former work on YouTube. However, the change had to do with her hiding from an abusive boyfriend, so Lemon looked like a jerk. What does it mean? Well, funny is funny, maybe. Perhaps we don?t know why people act the way they act. Perhaps everyone looks at other people and sexually evaluates them all the time, consciously or not. To pretend that we don?t, or that we don?t do it every millisecond a new person enters our periphery would be na?ve. However, judging an actor, actress or comedian strictly on their looks and not their performances would be wrong, unless we?re talking porn. Right, I ask, as my tongue can?t decide whether it is in my cheek or not?

So, here are five of Tina?s movies that I enjoy and where I find her attractive and I don?t care what that may say or who knows that I dig brunettes and glasses.

5. Ponyo

Unfortunately, Tina hasn?t done many movies, so instead of ?Martin & Orloff,? ?Megamind? or her one in theaters right now, ?Admission,? I chose this movie by animation director Hayao Miyazaki. This is the same guy that did ?Princess Mononoke,? ?Spirited Away? and ?Howl?s Moving Castle,? and they are all pretty fantastic animated films. (And to answer before you ask, it?s her voice that is attractive here.)

4. Baby Mama

Tina and fellow NBC Thursday night stalwart Amy Poehler star in this movie that also includes Steve Martin. Steve Martin. That is a good thing and those, my friends, are three funny people.

3. Date Night

I covered this one with my list on Kristen Wiig, and I could have for Mila Kunis, so let?s just sum up here and say Tina and Steve Carell make a funny couple.

2. The Invention of Lying

Again, I covered this when I discussed Jennifer Garner. I?m beginning to think every movie has at least two beautiful women in it. Then again, from the other side, every movie probably has at least two handsome men in it as well.

1. Mean Girls

Sigh. Another clich? is to remember how Lindsay Lohan didn?t seem hell bent on destroying her beauty and her chances to act in movies without a roman numeral in the title. (Shudder.) Still, we?ll always have ?Mean Girls.?

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Tina Fey top five?

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