Double Denim

Double denim is no longer the tragic fashion crime it once was. Having made an unexpected comeback, double denim is again edgy and modern. Pairing a denim jacket with your jeans makes a bold statement and makes for the perfect outfit when you want to look sharp and stylish in a casual setting.

Keep it skinny

Tightly fitted jeans are your best choice for a double denim outfit. A pair of skinny jeans has much less material than other cuts, so you won?t look like you?re swathed in a denim blanket. If you?re not a fan of skinny jeans, straight cut jeans are also an option.

It?s not a suit

You don?t want to match yourself with exactly the same wash for your jacket and jeans. The double denim look works best when the two pieces are in entirely different shades. The safest way to pull it off is to wear black jeans with a blue denim jacket. It is entirely acceptable for both pieces to be in blue denim, as long as they?re not the same shade of blue. A similar mistake which is just waiting to be made is wearing jeans and a jacket that both have prominent branding. It?s fine if just one of the pieces has its maker emblazoned on it, but both is overkill, particularly if they?re from the same place. When going with the double denim look, it?s best to obtain the jeans and the jacket from two different brands just to introduce a little more variation in your outfit.

Change up your colors

The last thing you need underneath your blue denim jacket is a blue top. You will look like you?re wearing a badly designed uniform, and your outfit will be drab rather than the bold statement it is intended to be. A black or a white top looks sharp and neutral, but you can also introduce other colors into your outfit for a more casual, fun look. Dark colors tend to work best, but what looks good will depend on the denim washes you?ve chosen. Particularly if you are wearing black jeans, there is plenty of room to bring in some color.

Accessorize your double denim

A leather belt is the only essential accessory with jeans, but there?s no reason to stop there. Look snazzy, Michael Jackson style, by pairing a fedora with your double denim outfit. If you?re partial to wearing jewelry, gold or silver chains work especially well with double denim as it is such an ostentatious outfit to start with. A pair of leather oxfords or brogues will finish off the look.

Know when the trend is over

Within a few months, double denim will once again become reminiscent of awful nineties boy bands. Wear the trend while it lasts, but know when to retire the look. The great thing about double denim is that even when the trend is over, you can still continue to wear your denim jacket and your jeans. Just don?t wear them at the same time anymore.

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