The Four Rude Behaviors You Do On Dates That She Hates

We?ve all had bad dates. Some of us have even caused them. Whether you?re keen on there being a date number two or not, there?s no excuse for any of these rude behaviors that ruin dates.

Not talking enough

This can particularly be a problem on dinner dates. It?s a turn off if you?re so excited to wolf down your food that you don?t contribute to the conversation in any meaningful way. She?ll think you?re rude, boring, and uninterested in her. Even if she?s only gone on a date with you because she wants it to lead to sex, she will decide against it because if you?re not even making an effort to talk to her, you probably won?t make an effort in bed either.

If you?re finding it difficult to find anything in common to talk about, don?t give up and make it her problem to keep the date going. You may have decided that this date will be your last with her, but that?s no reason to make the rest of the night painful for both of you. Having an awkward conversation is better than no conversation at all on a date.

Acting like you?re friends

On the other hand, you can be too friendly. Don?t treat her like she?s one of your best buddies. Meaningful looks and light touches can bring a date from terrible to tantalising. Don?t be afraid of being too forward with your body language- after all, you?re on a date because you?re attracted to each other. Acting like you?re not into her by making her think she?s in the friend-zone doesn?t make you seem cool and nonchalant, it makes her think you?re not interested in her in that way.

Fussing over the bill

There are so many conflicting social conventions when it comes to who pays that it?s hard to know what to do. Some women want to split the bill, others want to pay to show that they?re not afraid of taking control, others still are more traditional and think that it?s the man?s job to pay. It can be difficult if you don?t know which category she falls under. Some women will be offended if you insist on paying, others will be offended if you don?t! Expect there to be some tension when the bill arrives. The worst thing you could do is make a big deal of it. Offer to pay, if she wants to split the bill or if she insists on paying, don?t refuse. Follow her lead rather than insisting on how you think payment should be settled. You don?t want to make such a big deal over the bill that it puts her off going on another date with you.

Expecting her to put out

Particularly if it is one of your first dates, sex isn?t a given. If it happens, great; if it doesn?t, there?s always next time. However, if you?re too pushy there will be no next time. Don?t expect sex after a date, but consider it a pleasant possibility.

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