The Trends of 2013 You Shouldn’t Follow

While you should keep your wardrobe modern and adapt to new trends, each year there are some wacky fashions that are best ignored. Many designers consider themselves as artists ever trying to outdo each other and make a name for themselves. In any collection, there are going to be outfits that are completely impractical and ugly. The more out-there pieces often filter down into trends that can be bought in high street shops, but just because you can buy it doesn?t mean you should. Here are some of the worst trends of 2013 that should be left on the catwalks and out of your wardrobe.

Sleeveless jackets

A jacket is something you wear when you?re cold, while sleeveless garments are worn when you?re hot. One can only presume that the only context in which a sleeveless jacket could be useful is when your torso is freezing but your arms are steaming. Such a situation does not exist in nature. Sleeveless jackets are not so much ugly as a bad idea. They are also unflattering for most men. They draw attention to your upper arms, which is great if you?re overwhelmingly muscular but awful otherwise. The bulkiness of the jacket only adds to this effect, making your arms seem like twigs in comparison.


Flowery prints have sneaked their way into men?s fashion this year. With the possible exception of floral ties, I?ve yet to encounter an instance where floral looks good. The print has found its way onto all manner of garments including tops, shorts, pants and jackets. While it?s not hard to imagine a floral t-shirt or shirt looking stylish with a pair of fitted jeans and a dark colored jacket, this is not how the trend is being worn. There is never a good time for floral pants- if you must wear floral, restrict it to small garments and accessories.

No socks

Whether the models are wearing sneakers or dress shoes, it seems that designers did not budget for socks. Wearing socks, or not wearing socks, should be a matter of personal preference rather than a style statement. You look best when you?re comfortable, so listen to your feet rather than fashion when it comes to socks. Long socks or the wrong color socks tend to look daggy, but the solution is choosing more appropriate socks rather than eliminating them altogether.


Sporty attire is enjoying its time in the sun. While it is possible to look both stylish and sporty, it is more likely that you will look sloppy. Loose fitting and sports branded garments can be worn in a casual setting, but a line needs to be drawn somewhere. Contrary to this season?s trends, basketball shorts should really be on the wrong side of the aforementioned line.

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