Men Take Back Pink

Pink is making a comeback for men?s clothing this season, but if you?re confident you can wear it whether or not it?s in vogue.

It?s not a girl color!

Go to any toy store and you?ll spot the girls? section a mile off from its overwhelming use of pink. Nowadays, pink is often associated with girl children. But did you know that pink was a boys? color first? Children used to be dressed with no regard to gender, with pink and blue used interchangeably for either sex. By the late 1800s, male and female fashions began to split. There was no agreement on which sex gets pink and which gets blue, but pink was commonly used for male children up until around the 1930s. But by the middle of the twentieth century, pink had somehow become the girls? color. The tradition of pink being for girls is much less well-established than is often thought. But the real question is; does this make it socially acceptable for men to wear pink?

Be prepared for stupid comments

It?s inevitable that some meathead will come up with a comment about your pink clothing. That doesn?t mean that it?s not okay for you to wear it. It just means that they have very rigid ideas about what people should do. As long as you look good and act like you know it, there?s no reason not to wear pink.

What kind of pink should you wear?

The shade of pink can make all the difference to how bold your look is. While it takes plenty of confidence to don bright pink, consider pastel pink to be the safer alternative. However, not all shades of pink suit everyone. If you have pale skin, stick to light shades of pink if any. Bright colors make you look sickly. If you have tanned or dark skin, you can wear any shade of pink from pastel shades to magenta.

A husky rose pink will suit most skin colors and is in favor this season. It looks good on all manner of garments from canvas shoes to trousers to sweaters.

What to wear it with

When wearing a block colored pink piece, don?t shy away from combining it with patterns. A patterned shirt with rose pink slacks is a modern look that?s stylish without being too flamboyant.
Neutral colors such as bone and tan provide a great basis for any outfit with pink in it. Avoid wearing too many bright, eye-catching colors at once.

Pink for the shy guy

If you?d like to adopt pink into your wardrobe but don?t have the confidence to carry it off, wear it in small doses. In a formal setting, a pink tie can be a classy but eye-catching accessory. Casually, try wearing a pink scarf or hat. Or, you can wear a pink top but conceal most of it by layering. You might want to wear a pink t-shirt underneath a hoodie, or show the collar of a pink shirt through your sweater.

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