What She Wants the Morning After

You?ve been lucky enough to get her to come home with you, but the next morning can be horribly awkward if you don?t handle it right. No woman wants to feel like you don?t care about her once you?ve gotten her in bed.

Don?t make it awkward

Making it awkward will make her leave faster, but it will also mean she will never come back. Even if you?ve realised that you thought she was much better looking last night, don?t let on that you think that. There?s no reason it should be awkward the next morning. Acting awkward just makes it an unpleasant morning for both of you and puts a dampener on the night before.

Be affectionate

Especially if you intend to see her again, be affectionate to her in the morning. You don?t need to act like you?re a couple, but a kiss goodbye is the minimum. She will feel like she?s been used if you treat her coldly the morning after. There is also the prospect of morning sex- which you definitely won?t be getting if you act indifferently towards her.

Offer her breakfast

It?s only polite to offer her breakfast in the morning. If you don?t have adequate breakfast food at home, ask her if she wants to go out for breakfast. She probably won?t take you up on going out for breakfast if she is still wearing last night?s dress and heels, but it?s nice to offer.

Make your intentions clear if you want to see her again

If you want to see her again, tell her so. You can do this in a more subtle than just saying it outright, by telling her when she can expect to hear from you next. This can be as simple as saying ?I?ll call you tomorrow? as you?re walking her out the door. If you have no intention of seeing her again, don?t give her false hope otherwise. You don?t need to tell her that she was so awful in bed that you?re not inviting her again, but don?t mislead her into thinking you?ll contact her again when you won?t.

Make sure she has a way home

Again, it?s about making her think that you haven?t suddenly lost all interest in her now that you?ve got what you wanted. Checking that she isn?t stranded at your place is the considerate thing to do.

Making sure she has a way home is also the polite way to kick her out of your house. Offer to drop her off home if you can, especially if she is wearing last night?s outfit, forcing her to do the walk of shame. If you?re unable to drop her at home, at least call her a taxi or walk her to the nearest train station. She may have no idea where she is, and you don?t want her circling around your area and then turning up on your doorstep in tears because she?s been lost for the last hour.

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