5 Reasons She’s Not Into You…that Have NOTHING to Do With You

Nothing blows my mind more than the inherent narcissism that comes equip in the mind of the average male. Every time a girl doesn?t respond to a text, flakes on a date, or doesn?t show an oozing level of affection, it sends most guys flying off the deep end of despair.

And while usually these guys are right?they did cause her revulsion?there are plenty of reasons she acted the way she did?that has NOTHING to do with them. So chill your tits, bro, relax and stop thinking the world revolves around you. Here are 5 reasons she blew you off that have nothing to do with you:

1. Her Mood

If you?ve ever been in a bad mood, then you have no right criticizing anyone else for acting moody. Moreover, women have built-in biological monthly moodiness, which, as men, we can?t even fathom. So if she?s acting a bit bitchy, not returning your texts, or just displaying some rude behavior?cut her some slack! It might just be a mood.

2. Let?s be Real?She?s Probably Fucking (or Considering Fucking) Someone Else

I?m not saying every girl has some guy they can call for sex?but I pretty much am saying that. No matter how pristine or righteous you may think she is, there?s probably at least one guy she has in her orbit that she?s either 1.) fucking, or 2.) contemplating fucking. Fact is, until you surpass that dude, you?re just her second choice. But I always like to remind myself of the old Avis slogan: ?We?re second-best, so we work harder!? Remember that the next time she?s giving you the cold shoulder.

3. She Likes Her Friends More Than You

It always baffles me when some guy thinks a girl he?s trying to get out on a date will choose him over her friends. Never. Gonna. Happen. Bro. You?re not that special. If she has the choice between hanging out with her girls or hanging out with you, most likely you?re going to be the one taking the back seat. Don?t sweat it?just try again another (less busy) night.

4. She Has a Life (Outside of You)

Again, it always amazes that guys think because they?re interested in a girl that the world is suddenly going to stop and cause her to lavish all her attention onto him. Girls have jobs, pets, sick grandparents, broken cell phones, and a slew of other day-to-day obstacles that are standing between you and her full attention. If you believe that every time you reach out to her that her world is going to stop, you?re in for some pain, bro.

5. You Haven?t Made Yourself a Priority

Most guys are so stuck in their own subjective reality that they can?t understand that just because she?s the most important thing in their lives that they?re not the most important thing in her life. Fact is: most girls won?t even take you that seriously until you at least get somewhat physical with them. If you?re playing a chess game in your head about how to plan your next move, and you still haven?t even kissed her, then guess what: you?re thinking way too much about this girl! Put her on the backburner because I can assure you that you?re on her?s!

And there you have it: the 5 reasons (ahem, reality checks) as to why that girl isn?t responding exactly the way you wanted her to. So the next time you?re about to cry to your friends, the internet, or my inbox as to why she?s not responding exactly the way you wanted her to, I hope you reread this article to remind yourself: IT?S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!

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