How to Get Women to Chase You

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Jon Sinn here, ready to break down one of the major psychological factors in getting women to chase you. This is the idea of positioning.

Positioning is all about creating an image in the girl’s mind and having her want to know more about this. So positioning basically comes from the business world and it refers to like I said, creating an image or identity in the mind of a prospective customer for a product of service that?s being marketed. So when it comes to getting women to chase you, you have to be able to position yourself as someone whose validation she wants.

This is, in my opinion, after qualification, the most important part of getting a girl to chase you. You have to find some way that you provide validation for her. It could be that you have major social status, and just being with someone who is that popular, appeals to her and provides validation to her.

It could be that you have major social proof with 10 different hot girls and you know, you’re spending time talking to her and that?s validating. It could be that you really understand her and you have deep rapport and you validate her kind of views of the world and her way of looking at things. It could be that you view her the way she wants to be seen, you know, that you, in breakthrough comfort, and other course I teach on falling in love.

I teach a thing called the Golden Mirror tactic in my Breakthrough Comfort course which is all about making women fall in love with you, where you find out what the girl’s true passion is and you help her to kind of work on that. That?s another way of positioning yourself. When you help her view her passion, you’re going to be someone whose validation she craves because you are someone who is able to make her feel as though she’s capable of doing what she has always wanted to do.

What you want to do is you want to avoid positioning too high, a lot of the time, when guys are just starting out, they try to position themselves too aggressively; they try to position themselves as aloof rock star types.

That kind of positioning is going to come through social status, you can’t really tell people that you’re like a rock star, and that?s a major problem in Mystery Method is that there attempts at positioning, are pretending to be a celebrity. If you pretend to be a celebrity that might work but as soon as you get busted, you’re going to lose everything with that girl.

So it’s not the best attempt at positioning, instead we want to use any of the ideas that I talked about a little earlier, or more importantly you will want to find something in the conversation. When I’m talking to a girl I’m always looking for how I can position myself, if she is, you know, an actress I might introduce her to some of my theatre friends, you know, and now I’ve got validation, because I can help her career.

If she’s new to L.A., I might position myself as someone who really knows the area and can introduce here to cool people and places. If she’s kind of more mystical I might position myself as someone who has a really good intuition, or you know, maybe close to psychic powers and knows her really well, and can tell her things about herself that you know, she hasn?t been told before.

But basically when you’re positioning yourself, you’re going to be finding a place where she is seeking validation from you, if there’s one thing you want to know about positioning it’s the idea that you need to establish yourself as someone whose validation she seeks, and the, you don?t want to give it right away.

Then what you want to do is, you want to kind of give a little bit of it, but not all of it. You know, you don?t want to ever totally validate the girl, because then she’ll stop chasing. So instead we will want to never totally validate and never totally de-validate. And this creates what I call the chase cycle which is where the girl is swinging between being validated and de-validated.

If she wants the validation, she wants to avoid the de-validation, so she just starts putting in more and more effort trying to do things that she thinks you’ll like, because that will lead to validation?or so she thinks. So that?s really everything you will want to know about positioning.

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