Five Ways to Look Sharper

The small touches make all the difference to how you?re perceived. Before you start experimenting with style and fashion, you need to master the basics. Spruce yourself up with these five simple ways to look sharper.

Get a good haircut

A straggly haircut can undo the most sophisticated outfit. A man with long, ratty hair who puts on an expensive suit doesn?t look like a free-spirited millionaire; he looks like he?s just stolen an expensive suit. Your personal grooming makes a huge difference to how professional you look. A short, neat haircut is versatile enough for your personal life and at work. A business haircut will make you look important, even if your line of work doesn?t require it.

For that matter, it also helps to keep your facial hair in check. Clean shaven is the easiest way to go, but if you?re going to rock the facial hair, make sure that it looks neat.

Know how to tie your tie

You don?t need to learn any fancy knots, but if you wear a tie, it?s important that you know how to tie it properly. Find a knot that you like and master it before adding others to your repertoire. Ties look best when they are freshly tied, so it?s not enough to figure out how to do it once and then keep the same stale knot for years on end. Ties with a faux knot are a no-no. It?s not that difficult to learn to do up a tie, and it?s well worth the effort.

Have a nice jacket

Invest in at least one decent jacket that goes with most of your wardrobe. A disgusting, daggy jacket can completely bring down a perfectly styled outfit; likewise, a well-fitted quality jacket can completely transform a mediocre outfit. A sport coat, a leather jacket or a casual blazer will do the trick. A suit jacket shouldn?t be regularly used as your casual jacket. Not only will this make it less formal when you do have to don a suit, but it can also look awkward.

Get collared

A well-dressed man will eschew t-shirts in favour of their collared counterparts. You don?t need to wear a dress shirt on a daily basis, but a polo shirt is so much sharper than a ratty tee. There?s no fashion law against t-shirts when you?re in a casual setting, but you?ll look much more stylish in something with a collar.

Polish it off

Shoes are the final touch to an outfit; make sure they?re well taken care of. Leather shoes always look smart, but they look their best when they?re perfectly polished. Whether leather or not, your shoes need to always be clean. Shoelaces tend to deteriorate faster than the rest of your shoe, and it?s very noticeable when your shoelaces look ratty. It may seem like a small matter, but if you don?t replace them as needed you?ll look unkempt.

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