Lifestyle Design: 5 Steps to Doing What You Want

Recently someone asked I write an article becoming an entrepreneur and living the life you really want. Not the life where you mostly hate you job, ignore your passions for more ?practical? applications of your time, and accept mediocre everything.

Pretentious as it sounds, I?ll explain ?the steps? I undertook that allowed me to go from working a 9-to-5 job I didn?t enjoy to basically having exactly the life I want. And while my path will certainly be different from yours, the principles of how I got there are universal.

Step 1: Feel frustrated that you?re not ?doing what you?re supposed to be doing?

Awesomely, step 1 to changing your life is to hate your job. If you can?t bear the thought of sitting another 8 hours at your desk, and you live counting down the days until the weekend, that?s actually a very good sign!

If you?re not happy at your job now, it?s because you have a latent talent or passion that?s being stifled by some comfortable salaried position that keeps you in the rat race of mediocrity. Look around at your workplace and see how many people understand this, yet have ?trained? themselves to enjoy the mindlessness of their medial jobs.

If you?re bored, frustrated, or angry during your day-to-day job, it?s probably because you?re doing something that isn?t in alignment with you passions.

Step 2: Identify Your Passion and Make It a ?Vision?

Simply hating your job isn?t going to make you rich; however, knowing WHY you hate you job can. If you understand why you?re so miserable at your job, then it should be easy for you to pinpoint your million-dollar idea.

For me, I hated that I worked in ?publishing? yet I spent most of my day looking at Excel spreadsheets of article keywords and proofing 3rd round edits of tables of contents. I knew I had a passion to actually WRITE and so my vision was finding my voice as a writer and expressing myself without all the bullshit of ?traditional? publishing jobs.

Step 3: Align Your Passion with Something Profitable.

It?s all well and good to have a passion, but if you don?t align that passion with an idea that can make you money, then you?re just another ?artist? who?s collecting unemployment. Recently the TSB Fanpage posted this little gem: ?Here’s the secret to making a lot of money: Solve other people’s pain OR help them indulge in their passions.?

If you can match your passion with an idea that can help deliver people from pain or help them indulge in their passions, you have a winner! For me, I took all the experiences (and hilarity) I went through in my ?quest? to better understand women and I wrote about it. I knew that there were plenty of guys who also wanted to better understand women, and so I found a way to align my passion (writing) with an idea that was valuable (helping guys become better with women).

Step 4: Work, Work, Work!

Perhaps the step people like to hear least, but once you?ve gotten to this step, you know the road that?s in front of you. It?s either sink or swim, but if you?re serious about your passion, and you?re serious about hating your job, then you?ll get serious about work ethic.

When I was starting out, I remember coming home from work and writing until I fell asleep at my computer. And then I woke up, when to work, and did it all over again. If I weren?t fanning the flames of my passion, it would have been torture. Yet, because I was doing something I loved, it didn?t seem all that bad.

Later, when I was in a position to quit my job, I found myself working more than ever. Eighteen-hour work days were the norm in my early days of starting my business, and I often didn?t see actual daylight?working in my apartment all day.

But, to be honest, when I think back to those days, it was very similar to when I was first learning to become good with women. The blood, sweat, and tears may suck when you?re going through it, but in retrospect, it was some of the most awesome times of my entire life?.because you actually learn what you?re REALLY made of.

Step 5: Fuck Up, Learn from Your Mistakes, Soldier On

Finally, despite all your hard work, and despite following these last 4 steps to the T, you?re going to fuck up. And you might go broke, and you might cause your girlfriend to break up with you, and you might even question yourself (and all your mentors), convinced that you should have just stayed at your comfortable job.

And while these might be the most trying moments of your entrepreneurial quest, you have to remain strong and be ready to soldier on. No one succeeds on the first try. Most successful companies (and entrepreneurs) get it wrong before they ever get it right.

You?re no different. So even when it seems like you completely fucked yourself by following your passions, soldier on just a little longer. Because often success is only a revision or tweak away.

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