Clothes You Can’t Wear Clubbing

It?s easy to throw together a foolproof club outfit even with a limited wardrobe, but it?s also easy to make these rookie errors if you?re still finding your fashion feet. These style mistakes are so bad that people will notice despite their growing intoxication and the dim lighting of nightclubs.

Untucked shirt

Tucking in your shirt to your jeans makes you look much neater and sharper than letting it hang loose. Tucking it in doesn?t mean you don?t need to look like a school teacher. It is still a fairly laidback look to wear jeans belted low on your hips with a dress shirt tucked in. An untucked shirt shows that you know better than to wear a collarless tee shirt, but you don?t care about the finishing touches. It is even worse to wear a tie with an untucked shirt. Unless you?re going somewhere particularly swanky, you probably shouldn?t be wearing a tie. If you?re going to wear a tie anyway, at least tuck in your shirt and button it up properly.

Black sneakers

Black shoes are a good start, but runners in disguise fool nobody. Wearing black runners means that you will find yourself rejected from many a club. If you manage to find a venue where the person on the door is near-sighted enough to miss your horrible shoes, you will find yourself being judged on your shoes by other patrons. You?ll be that guy sitting in the corner crying into his drink because his shoes are too ugly for anyone to talk to him.


Nothing says ?I just came from the gym and I haven?t had time to hit the showers? like a fleecy sweater in a nightclub. It tends to be fairly toasty inside nightclubs, so you don?t need to wear a hoodie. You may want to wear something to keep you warm for the trip there, but ditch it in the cloakroom. Also, you shouldn?t be wearing anything made from fleece when you go out. A leather jacket is much more stylish.


Shorts look good on very few men. Unfortunately they?re inevitable in hot weather, but completely avoidable when you go out. Before you leave for a night out, look in the mirror and ask yourself if your pants are pants. If they are, you?re off to a good start. If not, they are quite possibly shorts which should not be worn out to a club. Nobody wants to feel your hairy, sweaty leg brush past them on the dancefloor.

A cap

Hats can make for great accessories- when you?re outdoors. Wearing a cap inside is rude and makes no sense because it?s not about to start raining indoors. At a nightclub, it?s also bound to get stolen by someone who thinks it?s hilarious to grab it. If you?re lucky, a flirt will pluck your hat off your head and put it on, but she?ll probably disappear with it. The next thing you know, you see your hat participating in a sweaty make-out session in the corner without you, and it would just be awkward to retrieve it.

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