How to Wear Gloves

Gloves are best worn during chilly weather. Far from being daggy, rugging up gives you the opportunity to show off your style with a myriad of wintry accessories. Gloves, a beanie and a scarf can add so much to your outfit and keep you warm to boot. Best of all, there are only a few simples rules to be followed in the wearing of gloves.

Leather or wool?

Gloves are available in a plethora of materials, but only two of them are any good: leather and wool. By any measure, leather are the best choice for gloves. Leather gloves are more streamlined than wool gloves so give a much more stylish look. Pay particular attention to quality if you are inclined to go for faux leather. A scratchy material will feel horrible on your hands.

All colors of leather are acceptable for gloves. You don?t even need to match the color to that of any other leather pieces you are wearing. A pair of brown leather gloves with black leather shoes exudes luxury. Avoid wearing too many pieces of leather at once. As a rule of thumb, one big piece and two small is the maximum you should wear. If you?re going for leather shoes, gloves and a jacket, a belt would be overkill, particularly if all pieces are of the same color leather.

Combinations of leather and wool can also look good, introducing more texture into your outfit. Fully woollen gloves are also a popular choice for fashionable wearers of gloves, although leather is preferable. Wool is also usually the material of choice for mittens, which you want to distance yourself from. Speaking of which?

Gloves are not mittens

Gloves and mittens are variations on the same idea, but with the crucial difference that gloves have separate fingers whereas mittens do not. Gloves are sexy, while mittens are cute on children at the snow. Assuming you are over the age of five, you should be wearing gloves.

Fingerless gloves

Some wearers of gloves eschew fingerless gloves, arguing that they are impractical and therefore stupid. However, they have overlooked the fact that fingerless gloves are, if anything, more practical than the traditional variety, giving you full use of your fingers while keeping your palms toasty warm. More importantly, it doesn?t really matter which is more practical. If you were going for pragmatism, you would wear a pair of gardening gloves. You?re going for fashion over function. Fingerless gloves can be stylish, and are an option when you think your hands will get too sweaty inside full gloves.

Colored gloves

As they are such a small piece, you can get away with all manner of colors and textures on gloves even if your wardrobe has a limited color palate. Particularly crazy designs are perhaps not the best option, lest your gloves too closely resemble oven mitts. Other than that, there are few limits. Deep green or burgundy gloves look sophisticated, while bright colors are more daring. For a unique look, try wearing gloves with a quilted texture- even better if they are in a color other than black.

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