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When She Won’t Stay Over

It’s not always personal when the girl you’ve been seeing won’t spend the night with you. You might assume it’s because she’s not interested, but perhaps she wants to stay the night but a petty reason is stopping her.

She doesn’t like you

girlleaving2Okay, sometimes it actually is personal. She doesn’t want to stay at your place because she’s not particularly fond of you. She may be seeing you until someone better comes along, but there’s no way she is going to spend a whole night with you. You have no cause for worry if this is the case- it won’t be long before she disassociates from you altogether.

She doesn’t trust you

If you haven’t known each other for long, it’s totally reasonable for her to be unsure about staying at your place. It would be wise for her to wait until she has some level of trust in you before she spends the night with you. Plenty of women have had bad experiences with men, and even those who haven’t know that it’s likely to happen to them. She might be apprehensive about staying with you in case she doesn’t want to have sex, but you take her presence to mean that she does want to. You can’t blame her for erring on the side of caution.

She snores

Women put a lot of effort into trying to hide any of the normal yet unappealing things that humans do- most notably, going to the toilet. Snoring is in a similar category for some women. She might not want to stay over because she’s worried that you will wake up to her loud and un-ladylike snores, and be so repulsed that you never want to see her again. Plus, because she’s so embarrassed about snoring, she won’t dare tell you that that’s her reason. All you can do is wait until she changes her mind. Until then, make sure you don’t treat her like she’s not human. She’s never going to abandon her fears if you react with disgust every time she shows a sign of being a real, living human.

She doesn’t you to see her in the morning

Everyone is a bit gross in the mornings. Bad breath, frizzy hair, and last night’s make-up aren’t the most attractive combination. The girl you go to bed with won’t necessarily look the same as the one you wake up next to. If she’s very particular about her appearance and wears a lot of make-up, she won’t want to spend the night with you in case you’re shallow enough to be scared away the next morning. There’s not much you can do about this other than wait until she is comfortable enough with you.

She’s cheating

She’s always free to catch up with you during her lunch break, but come nightfall she is nowhere to be seen. While you shouldn’t jump to a conclusion straight away, it’s quite possible that she is cheating. She can’t spend the night with you, because her live-in partner would notice that she’s missing. In this case, the truth will come out soon enough.

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