6 Things To Do After Getting Dumped By Your Girlfriend

You just busted up with your girlfriend and you feel like dogshit. It happens to all of us. Moving on can be a real beast, and if you?re not careful, you?ll get stuck in a rut pining for your ex. Avoid that at all costs. Here are 6 ways to clear out the pipes and feel better after a breakup.

1. Hit the gym.

This one is easy and actionable immediately. If you got dumped yesterday, you can always hit the gym and pump some iron today. I always feel better after a grueling 2-hour workout. Plus, working out is healthy and you look better too boot. I prefer CrossFit or a sport like basketball.

2. Book a trip.

Just the act of buying a plane ticket makes me feel better. This can be as simple as a weekend trip to visit some friends (preferably your bros) or as elaborate as planning a bro-cation to Vegas or some exotic locale. Last year my buddy got divorced so he planned a trip to Spain for running of the bulls and partying in Ibiza. He had an absolutely killer trip and got to chase some Spanish tail. Win all the way around.

3. Pick up some books.

Also actionable immediately, I like to get 3-4 books that are a mix of fiction, inspiration, and non-fiction. The original novel of Game of Thrones is addictive and will get your mind off your exploded relationship. Besides novels, don?t be afraid of books on personal growth. It?s always good to work on your inner game. I remember back in the day, the way I got over a bad breakup was reading Neil Strauss? The Game for the first time. Totally changed my perspective.

4. Get a haircut and a new shirt.

Pretty self-explanatory. I always feel better when I look my best, so a haircut and a cool new shirt turns the trick.

5. Go out and get 5 numbers.

This is a classic way to get back in the saddle. I?ll usually go out with a wingman or two, get loaded on a Saturday night, and throw mad game around. By Sunday morning I?ll have 5 new numbers in my phone that are ready for dates the next week. If things go well, I might taken home the drunk chick at the bar also. I often combine this with #4 above for best results.

6. Get some ass.

The magic potion of feeling better after a breakup, nothing beats nailing a hottie or two post-breakup. It proves you still got the touch.

It usually takes me 2-3 days to get over a breakup, maybe longer if it?s really bad. I?ll sometimes do all of the above items even if the breakup isn?t that bad just because it?s good for your bro soul. Once I?m back in the saddle, I?ll usually take a couple of months to work on other projects before finding a new girlfriend.

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