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How did Henry Cavill get so jacked in “Man of Steel”?

How did Henry Cavill get so jacked in?Man of Steel?

If you saw Man of Steel last week along with every other person on planet, one thing probably stood out, and no it wasn?t Amy Adams acting. Henry Cavill, who plays Clark Kent aka Krpton?s last son aka Superman, is super jacked. He?s physique is outrageous and a fitness nut like myself wondered how he got that way. I dug around here?s what I found.

At an estimated 6? tall and 185 lbs, Cavill went to Gym Jones in Salt Lake City, Utah, to get his pump on. Gym Jones is a quasi-underground, members-only facility led by Mark Twight, who is famous in CrossFit circles for having a falling out with CrossFit? years ago and deciding to create his own training program. Because of it?s fame, Gym Jones is also a go-to gym for actors and celebrities who want to get ripped. A bit of trivia: the acting crew of 300 (remember the insane abs on Leonidas?) went to Gym Jones to get chiseled, and both?300?and?Man of Steel?share Zack Snyder as director. So, clearly, Snyder put the new Kal El through the ringer to get buff for his big role.

Digging around a bit more, Cavill pounded food during his training stint to the tune of 5000 calories per day. According to some reportage in?Details magazine, Cavill used to have an eating problem?he was fat if you can believe that–and is sensitive about his weight, so he won?t reveal his current orMan of Steel?measurements. But, just from looking at pictures and estimating based on height, he was probably around the 195 – 200 range during production. Not bad.

One published workout in?Men?s Health, dubbed the ?Superman Workout,? is basically a lightweight CrossFit-style WOD. Try the following:

25 x Goblet Squats (35 lbs)

25 x Kettlebell Swings (35 lbs)

25 x Squat Thrusts

25 x Jumping Jacks

In-between each movement, take eight controlled breaths, then immediately hit the next set of 25 reps. Pretty simple. I can see this gassing a regular person, but any CrossFitter worth his salt should crush this.

What?s most revealing is a promo video for the National Guard that features Man of Steel footage interspersed with clips of Cavill working out at Gym Jones and sound bites from various folks from?Man of Steel. In the video you see heavy wheelbarrow pulls, lots of dumbbell and kettlebell work, weighted lunges, rope drags, sandbag lunges, heavyass deadlifts, rings dips, ball slams, man makers, and other cool stuff. It all looks like a ton of work and some hard earned sculpting.

Check out the video on YouTube:

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