What to Wear With White Jeans

White jeans are a stylish alternative to dark jeans, providing you with a totally blank canvas on which to build the rest of your outfit. While they are a unique piece, they don?t act as the centre of your outfit. Use white jeans to make the rest of your outfit stand out.

Mens? pants are usually dark colored and nondescript- white jeans break the rules while being the ultimate in plain pants. They?re remarkable because they?re rarely seen, yet lack a character of their own- they can be completely transformed by how you put together your outfit.

Color, pattern and texture

White jeans have texture, but they lack color or pattern. You need to compensate for this using the rest of your outfit. Your top half needs to have more than just color though, or your outfit will be boring. Blocks of one color aren?t particularly exciting when worn with completely bland jeans.

Color doesn?t have to mean eye-popping brights. Neutral colors work well with white jeans- use colors such as navy, brown and tan to put together a mature yet stylish look.

For those averse to wearing colors and patterns, try using layering on your top half to create an interesting outfit. A casual blazer on top of a shirt and cardigan may be nothing new when worn with regular blue jeans, but is transformed into a totally new look with white jeans.

Patterned sweater

White jeans are the perfect partner for an outlandishly patterned jumper. Unlike blue jeans which can clash with the colors on your sweater, white jeans will never look bad with a patterned top half. It will make your sweater stand out even more.

Go nautical

Since white jeans are the perfect summer pants, they provide a great basis for a nautical outfit. Add a pair of boat shoes and a stripy shirt, and you?ll look like you just stepped off your private yacht. Keep it simple with minimal accessories- you can even skip wearing a belt.

What shoes to wear with white jeans

Ideally, the footwear that you pair with white jeans is light colored, but not completely white. The type of shoe depends on what look you?re going for- a pair of slim leather or canvas shoes will cut it for most outfits. Boots are also not a bad choice for a casual outfit. For a really stand-out look, try combining a pair of black and white brogues with white jeans.

Don?t wear shoes that are fully white. You run the risk of looking like you?re wearing a uniform. Shoes that are pale with a small amount of detail are your best bet.

White jeans? conservative cousin

It?s rare to see anyone wearing white jeans, so it?s understandable if you don?t want to don such an uncommon look. For those who are unsure about wearing stark white jeans, try pale blue jeans instead. Just like white jeans, they can be worn as the base of a stylish outfit.


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