How to Wear a Turtleneck

Unleash your inner reptile and rug up in a turtleneck. It?s not a trend; it?s a timeless look. There are few rules when it comes to turtlenecks- they?re the perfect base piece for a creative layered outfit.

No patterns

Patterned sweaters can be a stylish statement, but patterned turtlenecks are a statement of the wrong kind. There?s just too much material on them for patterns so work. You don?t want to give people eyestrain from looking at you. You could get away with an argyle knit or chunky stripes, but thin stripes or more complicated designs are not appropriate for turtlenecks.

You should also avoid brightly colored turtlenecks, in case you get confused for a children?s entertainer. Neutrals and dark colors are best.

Use accessories

For the best look, you need to combine your turtleneck with accessories, preferably of the wintry variety. A scarf or a beanie worn with a turtleneck will have you looking toasty warm while still exuding a masculine look. If your turtleneck is block colored and not textured,

Slimline for layering

A lightweight cotton turtleneck in a neutral color is the essential turtleneck for layering. Bulky knitted turtlenecks can be a great piece, but are too substantial for layering. A thinner turtleneck is ideal for loading up on jackets and accessories. Try putting a vest over a turtleneck for a casual yet unexpectedly stylish look. An overcoat on top of your turtleneck is another fashionable look, as well as being practical.

For an almost formal look, you can swap your usual dress shirt for a turtleneck under a suit. You can?t do this with every suit- it won?t work with a sleek black suit, for instance- but this look can be striking with a grey or blue suit, particular if the material of the suit is quite rough.

The knitted turtleneck

Reserve wool turtlenecks for the coldest of days; wear them with wintry accessories such as a gloves and a beanie. Cable knitted pieces give a particularly masculine look when worn with heavy denim jeans and a pair of boots.

It?s not for everyone

Turtlenecks make you look taller than you are. So, if you?re a giant and don?t want to accentuate your height, go for lower necklines instead. Turtlenecks sit best on slim guys with a relatively flat torso- if you?re muscular or pudgy, you need an exceptionally well-fitted turtleneck for best effect.

Don?t wear it with shorts

Particularly if made from a lightweight fabric, turtlenecks aren?t necessarily warm. So, you might be tempted to throw one on with a pair of shorts on a sunny day. Unfortunately, this looks stupid. Stick to wearing pants with your turtleneck. The good news is- there are numerous options for pants. Anything from jeans or chinos to dress slacks looks dashing with a turtleneck sweater.

Where to wear a turtleneck

Depending on how you construct your outfit, there?s a turtleneck for almost every occasion from semi-formal through to a casual outfit to chill out in. There are few places the turtleneck cannot venture, although be wary about trying to wear one to a nightclub.

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