How You’re Secretly Sabotaging Your Own Style

You know good style from bad, yet these rookie mistakes show that you?ve never really learnt how to dress. When you?re first starting to experiment with fashion and developing your own sense of style, there are some easily fixed mistakes that you?re prone to making.

Mixing good with bad

If you wear a terrible outfit, nobody is going to look at you twice. Certainly not the desired effect, but at least you won?t stand out. Mixing quality pieces with hideous ones is a little too conspicuous. It is actually worse than dressing in a head-to-toe disgusting outfit, because it shows that you know what looks good, but you just don?t care. It?s totally human to have an off day every now and then, when you wear whatever is most comfortable with no regard for style, but don?t chuck on a designer watch with your stained track pants.

Bad shoes

Believe it or not, it is actually possible to have appropriate shoes for every outfit even if you only own a couple of well-chosen pairs. The most stylish outfit is completely let down if you have to pair it with your beat-up work shoes or runners rather than a pair of leather brogues. Shoes are not only the finishing touch to every outfit; they are also the single most important thing you wear. People notice what?s on your feet.

Too much

Part of developing a sense of style is learning to be subtle. Putting on every designer item you own is not stylish. It may cost a lot, but you still look trashy. Anything attention grabbing- whether it be designer clothing, jewelry or bright colors- needs to be worn in moderation. Build up your wardrobe from the basics first, then add on statement pieces, rather than working the other way around.

No eye-catcher

The other extreme is wearing too many base pieces, with no centrepiece to your outfit. Each outfit needs something of interest to be truly stylish, such as a bright jumper or amazing shoes. It can even be something as simple as a tie or a scarf. While your wardrobe should be built from the basics up, your individual outfits should be constructed the other way around. Pick your statement piece, then assemble the basics that will complement it best.

Cheap accessories

Your outfit is perfectly matched, but the finishing touches can let you down. The wallet you?ve owned since you were twelve years old just won?t do. Your waterproof watch which has been to beaches around the world doesn?t look too sharp either. Your wallet, belt, and your watch (if you wear one) should be quality pieces that are both stylish and functional. As they are items that you use every day, it?s definitely worth going for quality over economy. Cheap accessories make your entire outfit look just as cheap.

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