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Top Five Movies of Sally Hawkins

The first time I saw Sally Hawkins in a film, she portrayed a teacher and I thought to myself, ?I bet that?s the way most every teacher is.? Now, I know that isn?t true as broad generalizations rarely speak for the entire population of anything. Still, aren?t teachers suspiciously happy?

My doubt creeps to the fore when I ask myself the question, ?Who really likes to try to keep a child?s attention for more than 8 minutes?? I mean sure, if you?re rubbing mashed potatoes all over your nose until gravy drips on your shirt, it?s an easy task. Kids love mashed potatoes and they love messes and as long as the kids aren?t your own, you don?t have to worry about them trying it day after day after day after day to see if it?s still amusing. (Hint ? they?ll always find it amusing.) Unfortunately, potato face painting is still not seen as one of the three P?s of modern education, alongside physics and Portuguese. So, a teacher has to keep a kid?s attention with math of all sorts; diagramming sentences and learning about adverbs; or history that rarely has to do with wars and tanks and fighter planes. That task would be greater than all of Hercules?s trials combined.

So, in the face of all this complex adversity, how do teachers stay happy? Just like people that excel at their job in the world of sports, my bet is on performance enhancing drugs. As to what drugs, I?ll do a field test of several while standing outside a school wearing a trench coat and get back to you on which ones make the day pass swimmingly.

Thanks for reading my thoughts regarding teachers. As a reward, I?m going to clue you into five movies that have Sally as an actress for your viewing pleasure. As a bonus for reading now, ?Vera Drake? and ?An Education? are also worth your time.

5. Made in Dagenham

Based on a true story, this movie concerns women working at a Ford factory in Dagenham that are paid significantly less than their male counterparts. Sally stars as the woman leading the strike for equality.

4. Layer Cake

This movie has a heck of a cast for the future director of ?Kick-Ass? and ?X-Men: First Class.? Not only is Sally part of the movie, it also has Daniel Craig (c?mon, James Bond), Tom Hardy (?Inception?), Burn Gorman (?Pacific Rim?) and Sienna Miller (?Stardust?).

3. Submarine

This is a really funny movie that goes with subtlety over broad comedy. It kind of makes sense that it?s that kind of movie, considering Richard Ayoade directed it. He?s Moss on the ?IT Crowd? and played Dean Lerner on ?Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace.?

2. Never Let Me Go

I?ve listed it on Carey Mulligan?s list and Keira Knightley?s list and its lowest rating has been the #2 slot. I see no reason to change that now.

1. Happy Go Lucky

This is the aforementioned movie where Sally stars as a teacher. I still remember the amazement I felt watching her performance. It hit all the right notes and made me smile at the possibility of people like that being out in the world, giving their all to kids.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Sally Hawkins top five?

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