A Stealth Strategy to Deal with the Boyfriend Objection

If you?re anything like me you want to get the extremely hot girls.? I mean 9?s or above. The ?problem? is these girls are ALMOST NEVER single.?Even when they are, it won?t be for very long and the chances of you meeting her in that narrow window of time are slim to none.?They are always going to be involved in some sort of a ?relationship? with someone (or frequently a few guys at once).

And this is where the ethical question comes in to play:? Is it cool for you to continue to seduce a girl who happens to be ?in a relationship? (i.e. has a boyfriend, is married, or what have you)?

My thinking is this:? Excluding the situation where the girl happens to be YOUR friend?s girlfriend (this situation brings up a completely different ethical question which I will not be addressing here), her personal spin on fidelity is a moral dilemma that only SHE can answer.?Only she can decide the boundaries of what she feels is ethical when it comes to defining the limits of what she believes is right and in accordance with her own personal needs. So I leave this question up to her and take no responsibility for her decision.

Think of it this way, how arrogant would you be being to assume that you know what?s truly going on in her current relationship?

How presumptuous are you being to assume she is getting everything she needs out of that relationship?

How do you know she?s not in an open relationship?

And goddammit, why are you selling yourself short knowing that people are always looking for an upgrade and you?re not viewing yourself as her opportunity to trade up??

Point is, she may be in the perfect relationship for her, she may not be. She may be the type that sleeps around even when she is in a ?committed? relationship, she may not be. Whatever her situation and character is, the moral question to be faithful to her current boyfriend is a question only she can answer.

Further, I want you to keep in mind this little nugget that is basically the golden rule of it all?

The perfectly content woman, cannot be seduced!

How to care how smooth you are, I don?t care how good-looking, rich, or famous you are…If she?s 100% satisfied with her relationship, there?s absolutely NOTHING you can do.?But thankfully, few women fall into that category.?So all that being said, how do you deal with the dreaded boyfriend objection you?re almost always going to get when approaching stunning women?

The typical chump will usually try to get the girl by belittling and berating her current boyfriend. They typically say stuff like he is a jerk and that she deserves better (the foolish presumption being that he is better choice by implication).


When you do this, you are NOT actually putting down her boyfriend, you are insulting her! ?

You are almost flat-out telling her that she has bad taste in men and that she probably can?t do any better.? She?s here you tell her that she is the idiot girl who would stay with a guy that?s not good for her.

Ultimately by going this route, your underlying message is that she is in a crappy relationship and that she DESERVES nothing better. ?Well, guess what? Even if your lame plan to get rid of the boyfriend works and she does break up with him, she certainly isn?t going to be trading up to you.?Remember you showed her that she has bad taste, so she certainly isn?t going to go out with you to further illustrate this point, is she? Are you starting to see the power and necessity of good communication here?

At this point you might be thinking, ?Well, how do I seduce women who are in another relationship??

I have a few methods I like to use.

Sometimes, I use just one, sometimes a couple and when the situation calls for it, I?ll use them all.

But let?s just focus on my favorite one for brevity?s sake here.

I?ve always found the best way to ?destroy her boyfriend? is taking the opposite approach most guys take (e.g. ?I would treat you sooo much better? -OR- ?Lose the zero and get with a hero?)

Rather, I build the guy up like a giant ?Straw Man? and so I present to you what I like to call the Straw Man Technique. (Hereby referred to as SMT, for short).

In the study of logical reasoning, there is a type of fallacious argument known as the Straw Man Fallacy.

Basically how it works is by creating ?the illusion? of refuting something by replacing it with something that is only similar on a superficial but non-equivalent.? This way you try to win your point of view without actually refuting the original position.

Here?s a silly example of it in play in an argument:

Person A: ?Dark chocolate is good.?
Person B: ?But if you only ate chocolate, you would get fat, have high cholesterol, and likely die early of a heart attack or diabetes, and that would be bad?

Person B is not really attacking the first person?s assertion, which never claimed that ?you should only ever eat chocolate because it?s good?.? Only that dark chocolate is good good.

Ok, Ok…I?ll stop geeking out on you with philosophy mumbo-jumbo and get into how you can use this kind of faulty logic to get her tearing apart her relationship with whomever she happens to be with.

But before I do, I?d like to talk about the origin of the Straw Man Fallacy because it will illustrate exactly what you?re going to be doing to her boyfriend or husband or whatever.

The Straw Man Fallacy has its origins in the practice of building giant straw men in the likeness of enemy soldiers to practice attacking.

In our case all you have to do is create the straw man, and she?ll do all the attacking to rip that sucker to shreds!

Some of my favorite applications of SMT:

?You have a boyfriend? Oh my god, it must be so incredible to be with a guy who knows how to fulfill you in every way you truly need to be fulfilled.?

?I?ll bet you?re like his little princess that he would go to the end of the earth to satisfy your every desire no matter how silly it was?.and no matter what the cost was for him?.that is so cute.?

?I?ll bet he?s the kind of guy that places you up on a pedestal so he can worship you on your throne on high. That?s so sweet!?

What do these statement do?

First of all, at face value they seems really genuine, sincere, and non-douchey.

Remember, you?re not attacking him (which I said before, is really only attacking her), you?re building him up…INTO A GIANT STRAW MAN!

This is some super sneaky stuff because you are covertly you?re building him up to an impossibly high level?.and in her mind he?s not likely going to be able to measure up to it.

This will cause her to think of all his shortcomings and about all her unfulfilled needs and desires.

Guess who she is going to be thinking about filling those voids with? The guy that is savvy enough not to insult her, has enough ?value? to give away that he can ?genuinely? compliment her significant other, AND that has the balls to talk to her like this.

Also, no woman of quality would fully respect a guy who is actually like the above descriptions.

So even if she did think of him as being a quality guy prior, she will now start seeing how all those nice things he does for her, really demonstrates that he?s kind of a pathetic, suck-up, chump?.and she will view you in a far superior light for covertly bringing this up.

See how this works??

Damned sneaky, Damned effective!!

Start practicing SMT! Develop some of your own?.share them here in the comments!

In a future article, I may just show you some more sneaky applications of this technique that you can use in other common occurrences when you are approaching women.? If that sounds like something you like, you may just want to check me out on my site SameNightSeduction.com.

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