Haircuts for Balding Guys

You have to wear your hair every day- so it?s imperative that it looks good. If your hair is thinning out, it can be tempting to comb it over, but this only makes it more obvious. There is no elaborate trickery here; some of the best styles for minimising the appearance of thinning hair are also the easiest.

Keep it short

The golden rule is to keep your hair short. It may be difficult to part with your locks if you?re used to having them long, but it?s time to move on when you start to notice a thinning crown. The absolute worst hairstyles for balding guys are the long ponytail, and the afro. A bald spot is all the more conspicuous if the rest of your hair is long and luscious.

Shaved head

You?ve lost some of your hair already, you may as well shave the rest off. Shaving your hair totally bald is the easiest way to disguise that you?re starting to lose your hair. It will take some getting used to, but some men, like rapper Pitbull, actually look their best with a buzz cut. Combine with some facial hair for a badass look. On the other hand, some men look like thumbs when they have no hair. If you?re stocky and have a thick neck, a shaved head may not be for you.

Layered hair

Keeping your hair short but scruffy is the perfect disguise for thinning hair. The perfect cut for balding guys is different from a regular short haircut as it has choppy layers. Particularly if you have curly or wavy hair, clever layers combined with a strategic messy parting can make it seem like your hair is wild and thick.

The Jude Law

A receding hairline is the last thing you notice about Jude Law. He?s missing some hair from his temples, but manages to look amazing regardless with a short faux-hawk. Utilising the existing shape of his hairline, the hair remaining on the top of his head is fashioned into a slightly spiky point. This is definitely the haircut of choice if you have a similar receding hairline.

Crop combed forward

If you?re still in the early stages of hair loss, with just a little thinning at the front or on the top of your head, you can get away with a subtle version of the comb-over. Your hair should be about half an inch in length, with no parting. Starting from your crown, comb your hair forward. Use minimal products to hold it in place. This works best for light-haired men, as your skin color blends in with your hair.

Embrace it

At some point, you will have to accept that your once thick hair is no longer. Don?t worry about trying to hide it, by now, people know. Some men rock the bald spot, surrounded by short but luscious hair. Particularly if you are tall enough that few people can see the naked patch atop your head, you can get away with having your remaining hair a precious inch or two long.

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