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Dress Yourself Sexy

It?s one thing to be fashionable; it?s quite another to be attractive. Luckily, you can do both at the same time, even if you were born neither fashionable nor attractive. With these nifty tips you?ll have ladies swooning over you in no time.

Unbutton your shirt

Women have cleavage. Why shouldn?t you? Unbuttoning your shirt is not the smartest look, but it?s certainly sexy. Everyone who lays eyes on you will be imagining you bare-chested. A polo shirt with the top button undone achieves the look; you don?t look dishevelled as you would with an unbuttoned dress shirt, but you have a sneaky amount of chest showing. If you?re more of a tee shirt kind of guy, go for ones with a slight V-neck.

Fitted jeans

Baggy, shapeless, faded blue jeans are the ultimate in unattractive. Go for pants that are fitted (but not skin-tight) to show off your shape. Also, jeans add a little bit of bulk, which slimmer guys will benefit from in the legs. Your pants should sit low on the hip, but not so low that you have butt-cleavage going on. Keep them up with a leather belt.

Nice watch

What?s sexier than a man that knows the time? Okay, lots of things are. There?s nothing particularly hot about being aware of the time. However, that?s not why you?re wearing a watch. A good quality watch in a precious metal exudes class and good taste- and that?s what?s sexy.

Touchable fabrics

Wear clothing in unique fabrics that are just begging to be touched. It can be an organic fur, or a weird, futuristic material; anything that looks like it has a good texture. Soft cashmere is a winner for sweaters and cardigans; it isn?t too out-there but feels incredible. Even on simple garments such as tee shirts, go for quality cotton that feels soft to the touch.

Charm her with your arms

Show off your arms if you think they?re worth looking at. You don?t need to be super muscular; a little definition goes a long way. A tank top will give your arms maximum exposure, but unfortunately tank tops are not socially acceptable attire for most occasions. A short sleeved tee shirt or polo shirt is best for revealing your arms. However, if you have weedy little arms, you?re better off in a long sleeved shirt.

It starts and finishes with good underwear

Don?t ruin all your hard work in dressing hot with a pair of ugly underwear. As a general rule, don?t wear anything that was $10 for a pack of five. Go for low-end designer briefs as a starting point. You want something snug without being tight enough to render you infertile.

You?re not Hef

You may make the mistake of thinking that Hugh Hefner has a posse of beautiful women because of how he dresses. On the contrary, don a red dressing gown and loafers, and watch the ladies flock away from you. He?s sleazy, not sexy. This is the opposite of what you want to achieve.

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Eliminate Your Inner
"Nice Guy" & Pass Women's Secret Tests


This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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