How To Send a Flirty Text

Flirty texts are always important, whether you?re just starting to show your interest or you?re in a long-term relationship. Keep your texts interesting and fun, and your relationship will follow suit.

Keep it short

Your flirty text should be a few lines at maximum. Think about how she will receive it: reading an essay on your phone from some weirdo that you hardly know is no fun. A sentence or two should do the trick. Flirtation means you must be subtle; you need to use as few well-chosen words as possible.

Don?t Google a line

If you found a cute text to send on the internet, it stands to reason that she could just as easily find it on the internet. Especially if it is obvious that the text isn?t in your own words, there?s nothing to stop her typing your text into a search engine to work out where you found it from. She will be most unimpressed to find you?ve ripped it from a website that promised to get your into her pants via text.

The foolproof joke

It?s great if you have something personal to say to her, but if you can?t come up with anything, send a joke. Try to make it something she?d find funny based on her interests- for example, if she?s a bit of a geek, send a chemistry pun. Pick a question-and-answer format joke so she has to reply asking you for the punch-line. Of course, you?re not expected to come up with your own jokes- the internet is your friend when it comes to finding a silly joke.

Give her a nickname

A slightly insulting but affectionate nickname will help build rapport in your texting. Again, try to make it personal and based on an in-joke. Otherwise, generic nicknames such as ?trouble? or ?brat? will suffice. This will allow you to make even boring texts flirty by addressing her by her special nickname.

?It reminded me of you?

The perfect excuse to text her is by telling her that something reminded her of you. She?ll be flattered that you were thinking about her. Even better, you can sneak in a compliment in disguise. For example, tell her you were watching the sunset and it reminded you of her, because it was bright and beautiful but had an annoying glare.

No dick pics

Unless she?s specifically told you she wants to see it, do not send her a photo of your junk. It will circulate among her friends and get laughed at. Use your words to build excitement, not crude pictures. Similarly, asking her to send you a naked picture is not being flirty, it?s being pushy.

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