Getting Great Teeth

They say the best accessory you can have is a smile. But having ugly teeth is the equivalent of trying to pass the promotional watch you got free in a cereal box as a Rolex. You are not stuck with the bad teeth that nature or a fun but unhealthy lifestyle gave you. Let?s talk teeth whitening.

What makes teeth yellow?

Before solving the problem, let?s look at the cause. Teeth naturally aren?t quite white, so don?t feel too dismayed that you can?t achieve sparkling photoshopped brilliance. The older you are, the less white your teeth will be as the white protective enamel wears away. This is unavoidable, although eating acidic foods and drink will hasten this process. There are also certain foods that are common culprits for tooth discoloration. Coffee, tea, red wine and sauces can directly stain your teeth. These are just surface stains, although over time it they become harder to remove. Years of drinking coffee can?t be reversed, but you can lessen the appearance of stains.

Teeth whitening

Whitening treatments are the easy solution to make your smile brighter. The most common type involves bleaching your teeth using hydrogen peroxide. Obviously, you should not be gargling bleach; instead, find a reputable cosmetic dentist who will whiten your teeth without accidentally killing you. Be warned that it is prohibitively expensive to get a dentist to do it- hundreds of dollars at a minimum- but it?s hard to put a price on having nice teeth. A slightly more affordable option involves getting a custom made tray kit. The dentist prepares the solution and a tray fitted to your mouth, which you apply in a series of sessions at home.

The ultimate in teeth whitening is laser bleaching, where the process is made faster using a laser. It is instant and only needs to be done once, unlike other treatments which need to be repeated for best results. However, the cost of laser bleaching is extortionate to say the least.

It can be dangerous

Teeth are important- don?t take stupid risks with them. There are plenty of at-home teeth whitening kits you can order online, but you?re better off getting a professional to do it for you. It may be a pain in the wallet, but the risk isn?t worth it. If, against all advice, you?re going to use a DIY whitening kit, follow the instructions carefully. Leaving whitening strips on for too long can cause pain, sensitivity and even chemical burns. Using whitening kits too often can also be a problem; limit your use to two or three treatments per year, or you risk getting a chalky look.

Wear dark clothes

You?re concerned about your teeth looking yellow, but you?re not prepared to bleach your teeth. A simple but effective trick you can use to make your teeth look whiter is to not wear white clothes. The contrast between a crisp white top and your stained teeth will highlight the problem, while a dark colored top makes your teeth look white by comparison. If you?re white, getting a tan will make your teeth glow in comparison to your skin.

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