How To Get The Street Style Look

Fashion is no longer the domain of the catwalk- it?s stepped onto the sidewalk with the advent of street style. The immaculate and often unexpectedly kitsch outfits of everyday guys are immortalised on street style blogs. The idea is to make style accessible, so it?s not difficult for you to achieve the look.

Tailored and fitted

The one thing that all guys who are snapped for street style blogs have in common is that their outfits are perfectly tailored. Street style may be diverse, but the essential principle is that whatever you wear must be tailored to your body. As it tends to be younger men sporting the street style look, they tend to have the slender body shapes that suit fitted garments. However, even if you?re a little chunkier, you can still rock fitted clothing. You might not be able to carry off the skin-tight skinny jeans that stick-thin guys wear, but don?t hide yourself in unflattering baggy outfits either.


The more pieces you?re wearing, the more fashionable you can be. Not only does each garment speak for itself, but your outfit takes on a life of its own with the serendipitous combinations you throw together. Street style comes into its own in winter, when you can layer up with a shirt, a blazer, a heavy jacket, a scarf and gloves- and that?s just your top half. Plus, you can masquerade an ugly patterned shirt as the height of fashion if you layer it with an otherwise stylish outfit.

Point of interest

You need one stand-out item included in your outfit. It?s not enough to have a well put together outfit if it?s also bland. You need something unexpected. Street style looks usually feature a key piece, and it?s usually something that looks like it was found in an op shop. It doesn?t need to be expensive designer wear- this goes against the idea of street style. Think vintage velvet jackets, colorful kicks or even small details such as oddly shaped buttons on a shirt.

Snazzy shoes

Every outfit starts and begins with a good pair of shoes. The default is a pair of leather brogues, but of course there are times when your go-to shoe will look a little silly. For example, if you?re channelling hip hop style, you?ll be wearing a pair of kicks. You?ll notice that those who are snapped on street style websites always have immaculately dressed feet. They often have great socks. It?s a fixture of street style to wear pants that hit slightly above the ankle. This may not have been intentional- the tall model types that dominate street style may just be too lanky to get pants that fit properly. Now, even shorter guys cuff their pants so you can see their amazing socks. Match the color of your socks to another garment you?re wearing, or go for interestingly patterned socks.

Look at the street style

The best way to get a feel for what?s hot and what?s not is to take a look at some of the most popular men?s street style blogs. You can find a street style blog for most cities, and you?ll find that trends vary from place to place. See if there?s a decent street style website for your own city first, but also browse some of the most popular blogs such as Men in this Town, The Locals and Dapper Lou.

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