Are Skinny Jeans Bad For Your Health?

The thought of skinny jeans makes many a man?s testicles shrivel up in fright. But is there any truth to the rumor that skinny jeans are bad for your downstairs area? The short answer is yes, along with a host of other terrifying health risks you take when you shove your legs into stovepipes.

Nerve damage

If your jeans are so tight they make your legs tingle, this is a warning sign to take them off (unless you?re in public, then maybe you should wait until you?re safely at home so you don?t get arrested for indecent exposure). Clothing that is too tight can cause nerve damage. This is particularly a problem for the thigh, which has a nerve running right down the front. Health warnings were big news last year, with meralgia paresthetica being the name of the condition that occurs from compression of the nerve in your thigh. Numbness and tingling are your warning signs to get the hell out of those jeans. Fortunately, you will only suffer permanent damage if you frequently wear jeans that are too tight.

Are skinny jeans bad for your balls?

There are two reasons men complain about skinny jeans being uncomfortable in the nether regions. Firstly, they may be trying to boast about how anatomically gifted they are to feel better about themselves, when comparing to guys who rock skinny jeans. Secondly, it may actually be uncomfortable if the jeans are too tight for them. When your pants are too tight, at worst you run the risk of ending up with a twisted testicle- although this is fairly uncommon. What?s more common is wearing pants tight enough to overheat your balls, which can temporarily reduce your fertility. The optimist in you might prefer to think of it as free birth control, though, as this effect is totally reversible.

Skinny jeans probably won?t make you infertile

Obviously, anyone that experiences pain or extended discomfort when wearing skinny jeans should listen to their body and stop wearing them. It?s normal for skinny jeans to feel a little uncomfortable for those who are used to wearing more loose fitting pants, but you will be able to tell if something is wrong. Skinny jeans are not the most fertility friendly garment, but a little common sense should see you spared any permanent effects.

Even if skinny jeans are bad for you, what?s a little nerve damage in the name of fashion? After all, women have been suffering in the name of fashion for centuries- don?t let them have all the fun.

Prescription: jeans that fit

The health problems associated with skinny jeans come back to one problem: incorrect fit. Jeans that are too tight are always the culprit. Plus, if your jeans are so tight that they?re killing your future children, they probably don?t look good either. Wearing skinny jeans does not make you thinner, so you?re not forgoing health for fashion by squeezing yourself into a size down. Get into a decent pair of skinny jeans that fit you properly rather than be scared off by horror stories of testicular torsion.


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