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Top Five Movies of Anna Kendrick

As I mentioned last week, it?s time to take a look at the movies of Anna Kendrick. Her top two movies were an easy decision, though which one ended up #1 was a bit tougher. However, further down the list, I found one that looked like a no-brainer to add. It has Robert Redford, star of ?Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,? one of my all time favorites. It has Julie Christie, a beautiful actress who starred in one of the most gorgeous movies ever, ?Doctor Zhivago.? (In fact, you can say ?gorgeous? about just any David Lean movie.) I can keep going. It has Stephen Root, the owner in ?NewsRadio? and a great character actor from ?Office Space? to ?Pushing Daisies.? The trivia for the movie on the IMDB page says there are four Academy Award winners and five nominees.

Still, I don?t want to list it. I try not to get negative, but there is an actor in this one that just bugs me. I see that he stars in the movie and none of these great actors can convince me to see it otherwise. Not even Anna. So, I must go forward with this list and revel in the good that is Anna, and block out the fact that I?m becoming old and close-minded. Soon, I?ll complain that prices of movies are too high, dinner menus start too late and I’ll wonder why people have to say, ?fuck? so much. It?s in sight, but the road can be obscured with these five movies for a while.

5. End of Watch

Since I saw ?The Good Girl? with Jake Gyllenhaal and the lovely Jennifer Aniston, I?ve been a fan of Gyllenhaal. He?s done a lot of movies to increase my fandom, and this one looks to add to that.

4. Pitch Perfect

This movie doesn?t look like my thing, but it looks so fun. It has a great cast of funny ladies. I can deal with a little singing every now and again. I?ll just keep saying to myself, singing is ok, this isn?t a reality show, singing is ok.

3. 50/50

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is probably pretty close to Jake Gyllenhaal in my eyes. Looking at their IMDB pages that probably shouldn?t be a surprise as they were born less than two months apart in L.A. What is a surprise is that they haven?t done a movie together. At least they are only one link away with Anna.

2. Up in the Air

I couldn?t do it. As much as I love this movie, George Clooney playing a constant traveler and how I could relate to it after getting upgraded airline status for two years, I had to rank it second. The tiebreaker ended up being whether or not I?d watch it over and over again. I look forward to going to midnight showings of #1 and streaming it.

1. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Yes, it?s four magical actresses that starred in this movie. I?m sure when I profile Alison Pill and Mae Whitman, they?ll both end up with this movie as number one, barring some unforeseen new Edgar Wright, Joss Whedon, Paul Thomas Anderson or Coen brothers movie. Also, Wes Anderson and?fuck, there?s too many possibilities

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Anna Kendrick top five?


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