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Using Meditation to Build a Better Life

Meditation was first introduced to the western world in the late 1960s and early 1970s through the free thinking hippie movement. Today, it?s a staple tenet of most healthy living practices and its numerous benefits and uses are harped on. But what a lot of people don?t know is that meditation actually has its roots dating back nearly five thousand years.

Meditation has in effect been around longer than civilized society and there is evidence to suggest that humans used meditation before they could even write. Archeological evidence even points to the fact that our early hunter-gatherer ancestors may have stumbled upon the effects of mediation when staring into their fires.

Researchers have speculated that by staring into the flames and ridding their minds of all distractions, they would have been better able to focus on what they perceive through their senses when hunting and gathering; a skill that would have quite well meant the difference between life and death at the time and would have therefore been passed down through generations.

The use of meditation grew steadily among human civilizations since then and was greatly accentuated during the time of the Buddha. It is said that the Lord Buddha started practicing meditation as a child, and he went onto teach various techniques and types of mediation to his followers. As a result the practice of meditation grew widely in Asia for hundreds of years before reaching western shores.

What medication does is that it helps a person separate themselves from their thoughts and emotions until they become fully aware. It can also help a person understand the patterns and habits of his or her mind and cultivate newer more positive ways of thinking and existing.

In Buddhism, the primary focus is on a branch of meditation which is called Insight Meditation or Vipassana. The motive behind this type of meditation is to realize the truths of life and the impermanence of all things. Meditation is an integral practice not only in Buddhism but also in a host of other religions. Still, meditation as a practice isn?t restricted to religious confines alone.

Today people use meditation to treat everything from smoking habits to anxiety disorders.

A few examples of the physiological benefits of meditation include:

? Lowered oxygen consumption
? Decreased respiratory rate
? Increased blood flow and a slower heart rate
? A stronger immune system
? Lower cholesterol levels
? Enhanced energy and vigor
? Lower muscle tension
? As a cure for headaches and migraines

The psychological benefits of mediation include:

? Less stress and anxiety
? Relief from depression
? Accentuated levels of creativity and intelligence
? Better concentration
? Accentuated learning and reasoning abilities
? Increased awareness and alertness
? Increased confidence and self-esteem
? Relief from irritableness and moodiness

As a seducer, one of the most important skills that you should have when interacting with women is your ability to be present and in the moment. And women can sense in a heartbeat when a guy isn?t being genuine and present. A lot of guys shoot themselves in the foot when interacting with women by being too stuck in their own heads wondering about what to say, what routines to use and if they?re coming off cool and charming. By doing this they just end up coming off as robotic and creepy. Women respond powerfully to men that are present and in the moment with them.

Meditation can also help you develop this ability by enabling you to clear your mind and focus solely on your task at hand. Try meditating for fifteen minutes the next time you go out to meet women and you?ll find that you are able to be present and enjoy the moment much better than you normally would.

And for all of you that think that a practice as simple as meditation could have so many incredible benefits, scientists have been able to observe actual tangible changes that occur within the human brain and body during meditation that point towards physical and psychological changes.

For example, MRI scans have discovered that people who meditate regularly show increased growth in their cerebral cortex, indicating a much higher ability to process information, concentrate, make decisions, and to retain memories. Research has also shown that meditation causes other observable physical changes in the brain like increased cortical thickness, which results in a decreased sensitivity to pain.

And the great thing about meditation is that it isn?t hard to learn and it doesn?t take too long to give you results. Researchers have discovered that meditating regularly for just twenty minutes a day can create significant improvements in your mental and physical wellbeing.

In fact, the perception that meditation is a complex ritual, which can only be used effectively by the masters, is completely false. Anyone who has spent a few minutes looking at beautiful bit of scenery or a beautiful work of art and felt inner peace and clarity of mind has unconsciously enjoyed the benefits of mediation.

There are also some close similarities between mediation and hypnosis. For instance both disciplines share many identical techniques that deal with breathing, visualization and relaxation. In fact, some hypnotherapists use mediation techniques at the start of their sessions to induce the state of quiet awareness necessary to induce hypnosis.

But whereas meditation seeks to achieve an absence of all thought and a mind that is completely still and free of distractions, hypnosis goes a step further by then accessing and influencing the subconscious mind to achieve a specific goal or outcome.

I?ve been an avid student of both hypnosis and meditation myself for countless years, and I can attest the many benefits the two disciplines offer both separately and in conjunction with each other.

To learn more about how to use both meditation and hypnosis to improve your own life, you can visit my website here.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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