How to Ignore Her, The Right Way

Making Her Hot By Limiting The Attention You Give Her

Is ignoring women really a good picking up technique? The short answer is yes, but only if you do it properly. The right way to ignore is quite different from the childish techniques that many guys use.

You can’t ignore her straightaway

Unless there’s already a spark between you, she will probably not notice that you’re ignoring her. You’re just another guy that she will never interact with. She also won’t care, because she’s not interested. If she does notice that you’re deliberately ignoring her, she will think you’re rude or completely disinterested in her; which is not exactly going to make her swoon over you. She may even think you have an active dislike of her. The point of ignoring her is to build up tension and make her want to work for you. Ignoring her without getting her interested first is going to take you further away from your goal.

It only works if you’re an extrovert

She needs to know that you’re not just shy and too scared to talk to her. This is a turn off. Instead, she must realise that you are selectively not paying her attention. She needs to think that you are more than confident enough to talk to her. Ignoring her only works if you have a way of showing her that you’re doing it on purpose. You need to have a confident, outgoing personality to use the ignoring technique properly. If you’re not that kind of guy, the technique is not for you.

You’re still allowed to make eye contact

Ignoring her does not mean acting like a child and pretending that she doesn’t exist. It doesn’t mean acknowledging everyone in the room except her. The idea is simply to not fawn over her and let her know that you’re not actively pursuing her, while making her want to chase you. You should still make use of occasional eye contact, to gauge if she is interested and to build up tension.

Don’t play hot and cold

Being enthusiastic with her one second and brick-walling her the next will leave her confused. She may even wonder if you have a personality disorder. Inexperienced guys who are trying out the ignoring technique all too often jerk between how they normally act, and flat out ignoring her. It needs to be seamless. Consistently give her some of your attention, and taper it off as you see fit. Don’t suddenly jump from being all over her, to running to the other side of the room.

Don’t ignore her for too long

Say that ignoring her has worked, and she is now putting in the effort to get with you. You can’t continue acting indifferently towards her forever. Ignoring builds up interest up to a point; until she starts to think that you don’t want her, and gives up on you. Don’t overdo it. Pick your moment to stop ignoring her and give her the attention that she now craves.

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