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The Women You’ll Meet When Going Out To Hook Up

One of the first things I do when I start talking to a new woman is to judge her immediate character type.
This character type is very important because it allows me to understand what I need to say and do with this woman in order to get her attracted to me.

I generally look at women and once I see any acknowledgement sign from one, I know that I can approach her and I know for sure that she?ll fall into one of the below character types. After the initial introduction I can quickly work out which character type she falls into and then continue the interaction based on that information.

These character types only apply to the women you?re actually trying to bang. If she?s one of your friends or you have no sexual interest in her, then there?s no point in placing her into one of these categories.

So let?s get to it:

The Cold One

How She Behaves

This is the girl that is seemingly unavailable; disinterested in anything you say and doesn?t seem to give you any importance. This doesn?t necessarily mean that you can?t bang her, it?s generally a tougher time but be careful because she can be bitchy and can lash back out at you. Proceed with caution.

How To Work Her

The obvious thing to do here is to grab her attention and then get her to open up. Ideally you want to get her to work for your attention. This can be done by doing the following:

? Gain The Edge ? This can be done by raising your social status. Depending on the scenario you need to build more value to yourself, for example in a club environment you can do that by talking to OTHER women and appearing to have a pleasurable conversation. Or use one of your girlfriends to talk to her a bit. The whole point is to come across as a high status male.

? Make assumptions that will get her interested ? These should in turn make her work for your attention. You could either act amused about something that?s related to her (thus making her ask you why you are amused) or just make solid assumptions ?You look French?girls from New York don?t dress like that?.

? Start slow but touch often ? As always touching is important but because she?s cold with you in the beginning you should NOT overdo it as that can easily freak her out. Start slow, with a shoulder pat or so then build up by doing it more often but pay attention to her reactions.

Why Is She Cold With You

That?s her general attitude towards new men; she might automatically assumes that you?re needy since you?re approaching her and thus being turned off by that.

She might be involved with some other guy. You can quickly find that out by saying something like ?Are you this cold with your boyfriend??.

She can have completely different views from you. Religion can also have a powerful impact especially if she?s muslim or ?no sex before marriage? type of Christian. But then again, she shouldn?t be in a club anyway.

She might have been recently dumped and has a hatred for all men. Or she might have just came out of a relationship
thus not being interested in anything at the moment.

Personal Note

I generally avoid these women, even if I could maybe bang them, especially if they appear to be overly cold. The only exception would be if she is a straight 10 out of 10 in a club that has no other 10?s. Otherwise I?ll just drop her and move on. You can and will usually bang 2 other girls faster than you can a cold one.

The Warm One

How She Behaves

This girl is usually friendly, she will smile quite often, attempt to make eye contact and will generally be receptive to your conversational subjects. They reason they are wars is because they act like this but don?t show any direct signs of interest. This means you could risk losing time with a girl that is just polite and open.

How To Work Her

? Be Clear About Your Intentions ? You?re not talking to her because you want to make a new friend, you?re talking to her because you want something more (a bang). Make sure you let her know by touching her more often, being more aggressive in your interaction, more confident and steering the conversation towards what you want.

? Get Sexual As Fast As You Can ? The more you touch her, the closer you get, the easier it will be for you to see how and if she is attracted to you. If you?re not getting positive vibes, you need to build a better connection so get back to talking about the things she loves.

? Do Not Be Boring – Avoid boring conversational topics at all costs, keep things sexual, keep making assumptions and act playful.

Why Is She Warm With You

She?s taking her time to get to know you a little better. You see, unlike men who instantly know if they?d bang any particular woman, women need a little time, a little ?dance? before they can make that assumption.
It?s her way of dealing with men. Just because she?s friendly that doesn?t mean shes attracted.

Personal Note

A friendly warm girl will always be easier to bang than the cold girl. It?s important to establish attraction as fast as possible and to notice if that?s impossible as early as you can within the interaction. Although the majority of these girls will eventually become attracted you need to establish that quickly in order to avoid wasting time.

The Hot One

How She Behaves

The hot one is obviously the easiest one of the 3 because she?s ?hot? for you. There?s not much that you can do here as you can instantly notice that she?s interested in you. Just maintain good eye contact, keep the touches flowing and you?ll soon be hitting a home run.

How To Work Her

? Stay Tuned With Your Sexual Side ? Start getting physical the moment you start talking, as it will quickly put her into a sexual state. Keep the same momentum throughout the interaction until there?s absolutely no doubt in her mind that she wants to bang you

? Connect With Her Emotionally ? All this physical stuff is getting her horny but you need to control that emotional brain of hers in order to fully assure the bang. Start by talking about the things that she loves, then dive deeper into the things that she?d love to do, then even deeper about the things she?d love to do with you. She?s a sure thing so take it as far as you can.

Why Is She Hot With You

You?re only lucky bastard since you?ve approached a girl that is genuinely interested in you. You might be her type of guy, who knows, but it really doesn?t matter. She likes you and that?s it!

She might be set on banging the first dude she sees, she might just be extra frisky that night and is open to doing more adventurous things, make sure you pick up on that and use your gentle persuasion to ramp things up.

She hasn?t had sex in a long time and needs a guy to take the lead and LEAD her to a bedroom. This happens more often than you think.

Personal Note

If you approach this girl in a venue/club whatever, never leave her until it?s morning and you need to leave her house. Almost always if you meet one of these girls, things will escalate to sex. Keep that in mind and if luck has it and you meet a girl that?s instantly attracted to you, don?t let her slip away.

Next time you go out, pay close attention to a chicks character and know exactly how you?re going to proceed. That bang you?ve been waiting for is closer than you think.

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