Spirit Hoods

Channel your inner animal with a funky spirit hood. A hat with ears designed to look like a wild animal, the ear flaps hang down your body, ending in mitten-like slots for your hands. A celebrity favorite, spirit hoods are the ultimate fun alternative to more respectable types of headwear for keeping your head and hands toasty.

Why choose a spirit hood over a normal beanie?

Spirit hoods have one huge advantage over other headwear: everyone will want to touch your beautiful fur. Your hood becomes part of your personality, an instant talking point. Spirit hoods are a fun way to keep your head warm that will make everyone want to stroke you. They are also an easy way to get dressed up for a costume party. Being transformed into a feisty fox or wicked wolf is as easy as donning your favorite novelty headwear.

Where to wear a spirit hood

Spirit hoods found fame on the heads of A-listers, and you?ll find that people wear them to the hottest clubs. Despite being a decidedly strange looking accessory- the type of warm fuzzy item that looks like it belongs at the back of your wardrobe with your snuggie- you?re actually meant to wear these things out. Try wearing your spirit hood next time you go out clubbing, and you will find people are drawn to you and your headwear. Spirit hoods also provide the kind of comfort you crave after a big night out. Of course, don?t wear a spirit hoods at any time you need to look remotely respectable or serious. Don?t wear it to class, you?ll just distract everyone and the people behind you will be annoyed that they can?t see over your ears. Don?t wear it to work, or you?ll soon find yourself with your spirit tail between your legs. A spirit hood should only be worn on your own time, to the kinds of alternative or trashy nightspots where they won?t bat an eyelid at the door. Pair it with some casual, hipster clothing and you?ll be the coolest guy there.

What to do with the paws

Having mittens attached to your spirit hood is fantastic at times. But sometimes, you need to use your hands, and those swinging paws are only going to get in the way. You can actually wear your spirit hood as a scarf to minimise its movement, by wrapping the long earflaps around your neck. Leave them to hang at the back so they don?t get in your way.

Where to buy a spirit hood

Spirit hoods are actually the brand name of the company that invented them. Buying an authentic spirit hood will set you back about $100. However, there are some great knockoffs that are much cheaper. Keep an eye out for imitation spirit hoods in discount stores; otherwise you can get them online- there is quite a variety on eBay for under $20. Try search terms such as ?animal hat? and ?animal hood? and ?hat-imals?. Make sure you don?t accidentally buy a children?s hat though.

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