The Secrets to a Good Moustache

The best kind of accessory is one you grow yourself. Whether you?re doing it for charity in Movember or just think you?d look sharp with unique facial hair, a moustache can complete your face or give you a whole new look. There are a few tricks to growing a good moustache that you would never figure out if you weren?t told.

Give it a trim

You may have an armory of various razors to keep your moustache in shape, but there?s always that one rogue hair that defies your trimmer. Rather than accidentally mowing off too much of your moustache as you attack the rogue hair, just give it a haircut. A small pair of nail scissors is ideal for trimming. You can get special moustache scissors if you find your hairs are too thick for nail scissors to do an adequate job.

Moustache wax

You might use gel in your hair to keep it in place. There?s a similar product for facial hair. A dab of moustache wax will make it look tidier and keep it in just the right position all day long. You can, of course, use hair wax instead of seeking out a dedicated moustache product.

Wash it like head hair

How often do you wash your hair- every day or two? Now, how often do you wash your moustache- never? When you lather up your hair, you should also dab a bit of shampoo onto your facial hair to keep it clean. There?s nothing worse on a man than a moustache with food remnants, skin flakes and who knows what else embedded within. You should also condition your moustache- even if you don?t use conditioner on your hair. Of course, be careful not to eat any shampoo or conditioner during the moustache washing process, as it tastes quite unpleasant. Finally, once your moustache is clean, give it a brush with a thin toothed comb.

Dye it if necessary

It?s quite normal to have different colored facial hair and head hair. Plenty of men are afflicted with a ginger beard despite their head hair not showing the slightest touch of red. A little bit of color difference probably won?t be noticeable, but dying your moustache is an option if you want it to match. You can get special facial hair dying kits for turning your grey or ginger moustache dark.

You can get your moustache done for you

Particularly when you are first experimenting with facial hair, you might not know what suits you, or how to trim it exactly how you want it. Rather than risk messing it up and having to wear your mistake until it grows out, you could go to your barber to get your moustache done. Just like getting a haircut, you walk in and describe what you want, and (if you?ve got a decent barber), you walk out with the perfect ?do.

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