How to Wear Quilting

Quilted materials are trending on the runways, but unlike many other fashions, this one is actually practical. A quilted jacket to get you through the winter months is the perfect stylish way to banish the cold.

For jackets only

Quilting is the trend, but it?s not for your entire body. Snowsuits are never at the height of fashion, so you should not get too enthusiastic and go for anything crazy like quilted pants. Quilted fabrics should be used for your top half only, on heavy coats.

A quilted jacket is always the last layer

As quilted jackets are so substantial, they?re not ideal for the extreme layering that fashionable guys tend to embrace. You need to keep the pieces you wear under it quite lightweight to minimize the bulk that you?re adding to your frame. You wouldn?t wear a thick jumper under a quilted jacket, for instance. It would be better to wear a light jumper over a shirt, and finish with your quilted jacket. You certainly wouldn?t wear a quilted jacket over another jacket.

It needs tight jeans

Offset the bulkiness of your quilted jacket by pairing it with snugly fitted jeans. They don?t need to be skinny jeans, as long as your legs aren?t swimming in excess fabric. Other styles of pants do not work as well as jeans with a quilted jacket. For example, cord pants clash horribly because of the texture difference, while chinos tend to be too summery.

Accessorize with a beanie

The best accessory for a thick quilted jacket is a knitted beanie. Not only will it keep your head cozy, it also adds a point of interest to your outfit. You can wear a beanie in the same color as your jacket, or in a completely clashing color; either way looks good. Also, wearing a beanie ensures that you are wearing your quilted jacket in appropriate weather. If it is too hot to wear a beanie, you shouldn?t be resorting to a thick jacket either.

Elbow patches

If it fits into your personal style, try wearing a quilted jacket with elbow patches in a contrasting fabric. It adds an element of geek fashion to your look. There aren?t a lot of modifications that can be made to quilted jackets to make them interesting, so if you want to really show off your sense of style, elbow patches are your best bet.

Make it an investment piece

While quilting is a current trend, you can be sure that it will never be unfashionable. Big jackets can be expensive so you may not want to fork out for a piece that you?re only going to get a few months out of. A quilted jacket is a must this winter, but you will also be able to wear it without looking behind the times for years to come. Every few years, quilting makes a huge return onto the catwalk; an extreme example of how cyclical fashion can be. Invest in a high quality quilted jacket that will last.

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