How to Wear Red Leather

For a retro and daring take on leather, try introducing red leather into your wardrobe. It may be an out-there style choice, but red leather is surprisingly easy to match with.

The red leather jacket

The quintessential red leather piece is a biker-style jacket. A leather jacket is already an edgy fashion choice, but red leather marks you out as daring. A red leather jacket wearer is not afraid to make extreme choices.

Red leather jackets are one of those items which improve with age. A vintage red leather jacket exudes personality. Look for soft, well-worn leather; rigid, plastic-y cheap and obviously fake leather just doesn?t cut it.

Red leather jackets are best worn casually. You can even throw one over a plain jeans and T-shirt combination to instantly inject some personality into your outfit. The rest of your outfit doesn?t need to be restricted to neutral colors despite your brightly colored jacket. Red leather goes exceptionally well with blue and green. However, it clashes horribly with light blue jeans. If you?re using the jeans combination, go for dark blue, grey or black jeans. A pair of light colored chinos also goes well. For a smart casual look with your red leather jacket with tan chinos and a casual patterned shirt.

The red leather belt

Add a small but noticeable touch of retro style with a red leather belt. Make sure it has a decent looking buckle, as an ugly cheap one totally ruins your look. For best results, pair a deep red belt with black jeans. Make sure you wear it with a pair of snazzy shoes. Dress shoes- they don?t have to be color-matched to your belt- work well. Or, for more of a street look, wear a pair of black Converse hi-tops.

Are red leather pants a fashion sin?

Red leather pants sound like a bad idea. Neither leather nor bright colors are usually a good idea to wear on your bottom half. However, after actually seeing red leather pants, I totally changed my mind. They are actually quite stylish. Even baggy, sweatpants-style red leather pants with a carrot cuff look incredible in a hip-hop style way. While red leather pants are not something you see every day, they definitely don?t look weird as long as you wear them with confidence. Surprisingly, red leather pants are not a fashion sin, and are worth experimenting with if you?re fashionably brave.

Match with red socks

A finishing touch to your red leather look should be a pair of socks in a similar shade of red. This is especially important if you are wearing cuffed pants so a decent chunk of your sock is visible. Use your common sense here to check it looks good- if you have decided to go with the red leather pants, then you definitely don?t need red socks.

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