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How to Tell Quality Jeans

There are some tell-tale signs of a good pair of jeans. Whether you?re a high end shopper or a bargain hunter, it pays to know if you?re getting jeans that will last.

High thread count

Just like a set of luxury bed sheets, the best jeans have a high thread count. Unfortunately, it is a little more difficult to determine than with bed sheets, as jeans typically won?t tell you the thread count on the tag. Instead, you?ll have to rely on your own judgment based on the weight and feel of the jeans. A high thread count will usually mean heavier jeans. Variations in the way the fabric is made can result in jeans that don?t weight much but are still excellent quality, so testing just for weight isn?t fool-proof. Look closely at the fabric; a criss-cross grain is stronger than a straight lined grain. A pair of jeans with high thread count will also feel stiff to try on. Those not in the know may think this indicates bad quality, but a good pair of jeans is only stiff for the first few wears. They will soon mould to your shape.

High stitch counts

The more stitches per inch, the more durable the jeans are. The seams are the most vulnerable part of a pair of pants- if you?ve ever split your jeans, you will be embarrassingly aware of this fact. Look for at least ten stitches per inch if you want jeans that will last.

Zipper brand

Have you ever noticed how all zippers seem to be emblazoned with ?YKK?? It?s because they are the best zipper quality. There are a couple of other brands which are also quite decent. It?s the non- branded zippers that you should watch out for. The problem isn?t so much the zipper itself- you can easily test the zipper and find out if it?s any good. However, it?s a warning sign that the manufacturer has cut corners where they can.


It may sound obvious, but try placing your wallet, phone, keys, and whatever else you may keep in your pockets inside the pocket when you try the jeans on. If the fabric is straining, don?t get the jeans. Pockets are meant to be durable; pulling the fabric and placing your hands in the pockets to see how well it springs back. The back pockets should be firmly attached, with an extra stitch to reinforce the pocket in the two bottom corners. Not all jeans do have pockets, and many lack back pockets. This doesn?t tell you anything about the quality of the jeans, sometimes jeans are designed without pockets for the sake of aesthetics.

Forget the details

Acid wash jeans may look great, but of course to get that way they had to be treated with acid. They won?t last as long as your standard blue jeans that haven?t been chemically processed. Details such as fraying and slashing are prone to grow over time until your once fashionable jeans are ruined. For a quality pair of jeans that will last, go for the plain classics.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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