10 Easy Ways to Be a Gentleman in 2014

Gentlemen, happy holidays! Since we?re getting close to putting a lid on 2013, it?s time to make some resolutions and list all the ways we?re going to be better men in the new year. One of the best ways is to commit ourselves to being more gentlemanly. And when I say gentlemen, I don?t mean tightwad wusses, but rather stud alpha males who know how to class it up.

With that being said, below is a list of 10 ways to be a better gentleman that you can implement right away.

1. Master a good handshake. I?m always shocked by how many limp wrists I encounter in this day and age when shaking a dude?s hand. I network a lot, so I meet a lot of dudes with bad handshakes. This has got to stop. Your handshake should be ultra firm and feel ?locked on? but not so strong you?re crushing the other guy. This is something you can master in seconds.

2. Get a great pair of shoes. These should be badass dress shoes, something you wear with a classy outfit on a night out. People should remark on them. Consider spending $200 or more on killer shoes. If you can?t blow $200, try finding a kickass pair for $100 on sale at a department store.

3. Get a suit. Get a killer suit. You?ll need it for job searches and other functions. Even an off-the-rack suit that fits well from Men?s Wearhouse is better than nothing.

4. Hold doors open for people. I do this for pretty much anyone, men and women, strangers and friends, and it?s a nice thing to do. It?s also a nice way to get an visual IOI from a hot chick if you open a door for her.

5. Have a go-to gentleman?s drink. You should have a signature drink that people identify you with, and it?s helpful if you actually like the drink. I change this every year, incidentally. Last year my sig drink was Maker?s Mark with two pieces of ice, this year it was a dirty vodka martini (Grey Goose was my preferred vodka). Don?t go fruity and chickish with your drink, go with something manly. I think in 2014 I?m gonna go with Hendrick?s and tonic.

6. Be more positive than negative with your bros. When you?re around your bros it?s easy to talk smack and put the bros down because you?re trying to be funny. I?m super guilty of this. It?s far better to be positive and hand out compliments. Let your bros know why you enjoy their company and spotlight accomplishments and victories, even if they?re minor. This one change can make a HUGE difference in how your social value is perceived. I started doing this years ago and now all of the groups and social circles I run in beg to have me at social events. I always get invited out, folks always think of me when putting together plans. Which opens more doors.

7. Have a couple of go-to recipes you can cook well. Gentlemen should be able to cook at least 3 killer meals, more is better. It?s a major panty dropper when you cook for women btw.

8. Cut down on cursing, improve your vocab, be more articulate. This is an easy change if you think about it. Cutting down on cursing and using creative adjectives makes you more intelligent. Use a word of the day app or website to learn more vocab. Cut down on wordiness and practice good conversational skills.

9. Stay off your phone in social settings. Everyone is guilty of this sin. Stop texting and checking Facebook in any type of social setting. Which leads me to #10…

10. Be more present. Live in the present and fully enjoy the experience happening to you right now. You?ll get more out of life and so will the people around you. Don?t live virtually and don?t live through other people. All true gentlemen know this.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Feel free to leave more gentlemanly ideas in the comments below.

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About Lance Lance is a tech geek by day, social artist and fitness enthusiast by night. He specializes in relationships in real life situations, such as workplace and in business, and his goal is to create high value social circles filled with opportunity. For more on his dating and relationship perspective, check out his blog honeyandlance.com