When She’s Never in the Mood

At the start of your relationship, you were going at it like rabbits. Now, she barely wants to touch you. It?s incredibly normal for women to gradually go off sex when in a relationship, but you don?t have to resign yourself to a life of celibacy.

Make it more exciting

It could be that she?s not interested anymore because she feels like sex is no longer special. Your first attempt to rekindle her interest should be to make it exciting for her. Do something romantic, like whisking her away for a frisky weekend. Especially if lately she has seen sex as a chore to tick off her to do list, it?s better to get her out of the house and to a place where she can relax.

Take the pressure off

Don?t make her feel like she has to have sex with you. Some guys try to turn every kiss into a race to the bedroom- and women hate that. Pressuring her into it may result in her conceding sometimes, but it will put her off in the long run. The idea isn?t to make her have sex with you; the idea is to make her want to have sex with you. Rather than hounding her for sex, play hard to get, and she may realize that she actually wants it.

If you?ve taken the pressure off, given her a bit of time, and she?s still disinterested, there is another technique you can try. Start from first base all over again, mimicking the early stages of a relationship. This could take days or even weeks. Be flirtatious with her, and try to go on dates rather than rely on routine. The anticipation will be exciting for both of you, and she will (hopefully) realize that she does want to sleep with you after all.

It might not be about you

Feeling bad about herself may be stopping her from wanting to get intimate. If she?s not as trim as she used to be, she may feel self-conscious about her body. It?s nothing to do with you; it?s just how she feels about herself. However, that doesn?t mean that she?s the only one who can fix it. Make her feel good about herself, reassure her that you?re attracted to her, and suddenly the prospect of you seeing her naked won?t strike fear into her heart.

Maybe she will never be interested

It?s possible that in all of the excitement of getting together, she forgot that she?s not physically attracted to you. Or, maybe she thinks you?re just not very good in bed, and isn?t particularly interested in giving you a chance to improve. Worst case scenario, she used sex as an incentive to draw you in during the early stages of your relationship even though she didn?t desire it herself, and now feels secure enough to avoid having a sex life. If she?s never going to be into you again, it?s time to move on. You both deserve to be with someone better suited in the bedroom.

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