The Least Sexy Things About Your Bedroom

You?ve done well to get a woman into close proximity to your bed, so don?t ruin everything by having an unappealing bedroom.

Any kid stuff

Purge your room of anything that you have had since before you hit puberty. Most women are not going to swoon over your figurines or extensive comic book collection. Your room should be a distinctly adult space. Replace your figurines with a cologne collection and you will suddenly appear much more attractive.

Dirty sheets

There is nothing appealing about bed sheets that crackle when you sit on them. If you?ve been having some solo fun in your bed before she arrived, you need to change those sheets. Also, you can?t get away with sleeping with multiple women (at different times) on the same unwashed sheets. It smells, and there may be suspicious wet patches. A set of clean sheets is the bare minimum. Preferably, you should have a tasteful sheet set- no woman wants to get under your Superman blanket.

Used dishes

Before you invite a girl over, take a few moments to remove anything gross from your room. Take out any dishes that you?ve used but have been too lazy to put back in the kitchen. This is particularly important for anything that has grown moldy or attracted bugs. Your room doesn?t need to be squeaky clean, but it needs to meet some basic standards.

Single bed

A single bed is just not sexy, particularly if you?re above about 15 years old. There?s no point having plenty of floor space and not enough bed space. You may think you don?t have room for a double, but you might be surprised at how much of your room you?re not capitalizing on.

Sexy posters

Plastering your bedroom with posters of bikini clad women that you?ve torn out of lads? magazines is not as sexy as you think. Being stared at by pictures of perfect women writhing on the beach is going to make most women want to hide their bodies from you. It also shows that you?re a tad desperate. If you were really getting lots of action, you wouldn?t need posters on your wall.

Old tissues

A pile of used tissues inhabiting your room is gross. You probably should have a box of tissues in your room, but the used ones shouldn?t be sitting on your bedside table. It is particularly unappealing if your used tissues are accompanied by sexy posters in your room. While your used tissues shouldn?t be loose, it?s a totally different story if your old tissues are inside a trashcan. Somehow, that makes your room seem a whole lot more hygienic.
Clothes all over the floor
The only clothes on the floor should be the clothes you both walked in with. A floor-drobe makes it difficult for her to know where she can step. It?s not particularly sexy for her to want to run across your room onto your bed, only to have to navigate a sort of obstacle course to get there.

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