Is Tinder the Hot New Online Dating Tool?

I haven?t done online dating in nearly a year, so I?m a little out of the game, but I recently heard about a hot new app called Tinder. Tinder is supposed to be ridiculously easy to connect with and bang chicks. As my single roommate says, ?It?s like shooting fish in a barrel.?

Similar to the old Hot or Not website, the app shows you a bunch of pictures of a chick and you tap the X button if you?re not interested and the Heart button if you?re interested. She does the same thing and if there?s a mutual interest, you start chatting with each other via the app. From there run your standard chat game and you?re off to the races.

The app connects to your Facebook account and pulls over pictures and profile info. It also allows you to see if you have any mutual Facebook friends, which at first I found a little disconcerting, then I realized it was a terrific research tool. Since the app is using a real first name, you can figure out who the girl is via the mutual friend. At that point you can decide if you want to use Facebook game or whatever and skip Tinder entirely.

The other key to Tinder is location, thus you set a max distance to search for girls and that?s what gets served to you. What I like about Tinder is that it?s not bullshitting around with profiles and long emails and other fluffy crap. It strips the mutual attraction down to two basic factors: looks and distance. You can make a judgment call in a second and move on.

The reason why it works is the app is simple, attractive, and gets you going in minutes. No lengthy profiles. Nothing to think about. The act of liking or not liking girls is addictive and keeps you coming back to see if anyone has liked you back. It just works.

I hear Tinder is the straight version of Grindr, which is supposed to be a hookup bonanza for gay folks, with similar technology. I?ve got a couple of friends who swear by Tinder and how easy it is to hookup.

One critical factor is that Tinder reportedly has 75 million users as of last October, making it a target rich environment. Most online dates have almost no user buy-in, so it?s nice to see something that?s working. Tinder is getting tons of press?Google ?Tinder reviews??so if you?re interested in online dating game, I encourage you to check it out. Oh yeah, best of all, it?s TOTALLY FREE.

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About Lance Lance is a tech geek by day, social artist and fitness enthusiast by night. He specializes in relationships in real life situations, such as workplace and in business, and his goal is to create high value social circles filled with opportunity. For more on his dating and relationship perspective, check out his blog

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