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What She Thinks About Your Dirty Texts

Are you turning her on or turning her off with your dirty texts? It?s a subtle art that men are prone to overdoing.

If she likes talking dirty?

Not every woman is into getting dirty texts. If you?ve never sent her one before, you have no idea how it will be received. The rule of thumb is, if she enjoys dirty talk in real life, she is going to appreciate receiving a similarly dirty text. The converse doesn?t apply, however. Even if she is a little embarrassed to talk dirty in the bedroom, she might still be interested in doing so virtually. For some women, not having to physically speak the words, and having a little time to think of how to respond to what you?ve said, will take away the reasons why she feels uncomfortable doing this in real life. There is no guarantee she will like receiving a dirty text, but not liking dirty talk doesn?t automatically mean she won?t like a dirty text.

They can?t come out of nowhere

Most women will not appreciate an unsolicited sext. Randomly sending a graphic text about what you?d like to do her is off-putting for many women when they are not in the mood. When you want to start a sexy conversation via text message, send something subtle to begin with. Then, if she responds with something flirty, you can get more explicit.

Tread carefully if you haven?t slept together yet

It is especially important to ramp up your texts from flirty to dirty if you haven?t yet been intimate with her in real life. She will probably think you are being much too forward, and will either laugh at you or be repulsed by your graphic descriptions. Also, if she actually wants to date you, she might not want to respond favourably to dirty texts in case she gives you the wrong idea.

Don?t use words you?ve learnt from porn

There are three huge reasons why you should be more creative than a porn director with your phrasing. Firstly, if she?s not an avid porn watcher, she might have no idea what you?re talking about. Secondly, there are some words that many women will find off-putting. For example, the word ?panties? is divisive among women. While some are find with it, others will think it?s a little-girl word. Thirdly, it can be much more appealing if you?re more descriptive. Rather than using an industry standard word for a particular act you?d like to try, describe how you would do it.

Don?t just talk about yourself

You need to specify what you?re planning to do to her, or what you love about her body, or what she does that drives you wild, and so on. Sending her text upon text about how hard you are is too one-sided. Asking questions is also a good idea, especially because it can be difficult and awkward to formulate a reply to a sext.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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