Trends to Keep (and Bin) from 2013

Fashion isn?t so fickle- there are plenty of trends from the previous year which are still perfect for the newly minted year 2014. These looks may not be quite as fresh as they were last year, but they are still stylish for the moment. However, some other trends have not aged as gracefully.

Preppie attire

Embrace your inner stylish geek with last year?s preppie look. Despite the massive popularity of the preppie look in the year past, 2013 did not invent it. In fact, it emerged in the 1940s or 50s, with upper class Ivy League men. You don?t need to be pursuing a prestigious education to steal their style, which has existed for decades in mainstream style. Think button-down shirts, chinos, boat shoes, and plaid. The look is sleek and tailored- one which everyone should embrace, whether on campus or not.

Carrot cuffs

In 2013, elasticized ankles were no longer just for babies. Carrot cuffs are an unexpected twist on slim-fitting pants. This dovetails nicely with the preppie look, as it works best on a pair of coloured chinos. Don?t throw them out for 2014- if anything, carrot cuffed pants have only become more popular.

Patterned shirts

Show off your personal style with a fun patterned shirt. There were plenty of crazy prints available in 2013, which are yet to reach their use-by date. Patterned shirts are only really useful for a smart casual look. You can keep it simple with a patterned shirt combined with black or blue jeans and dress shoes, or you could layer one with a sweater, jacket and tie or scarf. For a semi-formal look, wear a neutral colored patterned shirt with your suit.


Speaking of patterned shirts, plaid was a key player in the 2013 shirt options for men. You don?t want to go with a traditional plaid (although that may have been acceptable last year), or you will look like you repurposed a kilt or school issue pencil case. For best results, find a shirt in a three-color plaid in an unexpected combination, such as blue, brown and white, or purple, black and white.


For a nautical look without dipping a toe into the sea, horizontal stripes in the characteristic colors of red, navy, white and tan were a hit in 2013. Luckily for those who purchased every stripy polo shirt in sight, stripes are timeless. You can re-use your horizontally striped shirts, jackets and whatever else in 2014 and beyond.

The trends to bin

While there were some fantastic timeless looks which enjoyed a resurgence last year, there were also quite a few awful trends. Trends from last year to turn your back on include: camouflage, spirit hoods, loafers with no socks (actually, they was never a good look), bulky scarves, and denim vests.

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