The Style Rules Every Man Must Know

Whether you pride yourself on throwing together a new outfit combination every day, or just want to look good with minimum fuss, there are some basic rules which must be in your repertoire.

Navy is better than black

Every man needs a minimum of one suit for special occasions. You might be expecting that, if you own just one suit, it should be black, but this is not so. A navy blue suit is just as versatile as black, but with a smidgeon more memorability. If your one suit is a bland black number which you bought a decade ago, it?s time to upgrade to something with a little more flair. Navy is conservative and suitable for every occasion that calls for a suit, but shows that you have a sense of individuality. Even dark grey is a better choice than black for your one go-to suit.

Always iron your clothes

Even the most stunning clothing can make you look disheveled if it?s wrinkled and crumpled. Likewise, average clothing can look almost respectable if you?re handy with the iron. Every man needs to know how to properly iron a shirt, at the minimum. There?s no point in having good clothes if they aren?t looking their wrinkle-free best.

Always wear good shoes

Shoes have the power to make or break an outfit, no matter whether you are at a formal event or having a lazy day with friends. You don?t need more than a few basic pairs of shoes, but basic doesn?t mean boring. A pair of brogues is a much better investment than plain black leather shoes. Shoes should rarely be neutral. Pick shoes in interesting colors and unique cuts.

Scale your tie

Ties scale with the type of shirt and suit jacket you?re wearing. A skinny tie goes with thin lapels and a small collar. Thick ties go with thick lapels and a full-size collar. It is not edgy to play with this rule; a man who can?t get his tie right just looks like he can?t dress himself. Speaking of ties, every man must know how to knot a tie. Ideally, you should know how to do a Windsor knot. Fake knots with an elasticized neck are just so amateur.

Fitted versus tight

The golden rule of dressing is to always wear properly fitted clothes. Exactly how snugly fitting your clothes should be is very much up to the individual. Generally, if you feel comfortable, you look good. A big no-no is to wear clothes which are much too tight for your frame. Just because you can squeeze into something, does not mean you should. On the opposite end of the spectrum, baggy clothes may make you feel free, but they rarely look neat and attractive.

Always wear good socks

Don?t underestimate the importance of socks. They should always be matching, and always fresh. Once one sock in a pair gets a hole, it?s time to turf them out. There?s nothing grosser than a man with socks that no longer have a heel. Quality socks will last a long time and feel amazing on your feet. Even if you think that nobody is going to see your socks, it pays to be prepared.

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