How to Flirt When It’s Too Loud to Talk

Nowhere but a night club will you find as many dressed up, single women looking to pick up. Unfortunately, it can be a struggle to talk in such a loud environment. Luckily there are a few tricks that you can use if this is something you find difficult.

It?s all about the eye contact

You?re never going to get her attention by trying to talk, and yelling and waving your arms will not leave the best impression. It?s essential that you make eye contact. Once you?ve made meaningful eye contact a few times, express yourself using your face. You could raise an eyebrow suggestively, blow a kiss, or do a funny face to charm her with your sense of humour. However, facial expressions will only get you so far; you need to find another way to communicate your interest and establish if she is interested.

Lean in and talk in her ear

It?s exhausting to yell and continually ask each other to repeat what you?ve said. She?ll just lose interest because it?s too difficult. To remedy this, lean closer until you?re speaking right into her ear. What better excuse to initiate touching than having to lean in close so you can hear each other? Try moving her hair from her ear, under the guise of having her hear you better- most women will love that. If there?s a spark between you, it?s not difficult to escalate to kissing from whispering into each other?s ears.

There are two things to watch for when you use this technique. Firstly, if she?s moving back when you try to move closer to talk, it?s a sure sign that she?s not interested- so you can stop wasting your time and end the interaction there. Secondly, make sure you don?t have smelly breath. It?s unpleasant when someone with beer breath is breathing all over your face. Keep some mints handy, and go easy on the alcohol.

Lead her to a quieter area

To really build her interest, you?re going to have to find a way to have a proper conversation. For example, you could go out to a smoker?s area, or suggest going outside for some air. If you know there is a quieter part of the club, try to lead her to it. It?s useful to know the layout of the venue, where couches and noise-blocking partitions are.

Say it with dance

You know that the entire club is deafening, and you have no hope of being able to carry a half-decent conversation anywhere at the venue. You?ll have to lead her to the dance floor, and pull out some suggestive moves to charm her. You don?t need to be an expert dancer; what you need to do is make it interactive. Twirl her, high-five her, anything that involves touch. Make sure you are looking at each other most of the time while you?re dancing, or she might ditch you for her friends on the dance floor.

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