90s Swag

It?s cool to be daggy. Relive the 1990s with bright, hip-hop style clothing. The best part is that while these were serious trends in the nineties, now you can wear your favorite brands of yesteryear with a knowing smile. Nineties swag is a huge trend at the moment, and can be worn in casual or nightclub environments.

It?s all about the brands

Sports brands were huge in the nineties. Think Adidas, Nike and Reebok. It doesn?t matter if you?re not an athlete, you have full permission to dress like one if you are emulating the great decade that was the 1990s. The only shoes a nineties fanatic should be wearing are Air Jordans, or J?s, which are still popular among those with swag. Michael Jordan may be long retired from basketball, but don?t let that stop you from channeling his on-court prowess.

Some brands which were most popular in the nineties have evolved over time, so pieces from their more recent collections bear no resemblance to those of twenty or so years ago. Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Stussy are perfect examples. However, if you?re lucky enough to have a vintage piece from one of these brands, you will nail the nineties look.

Bright colors

The brighter the better, as far as the nineties were concerned. DayGlo (fluorescent colors) are preferable, but if you can?t bring yourself to be that committed to the look, bright reds and blues are also acceptable. Don?t worry about matching your colors- the point is to clash as much as possible.

Aztec prints

Aztec prints have become incredibly fashionable over the last few years, and have all the qualities of nineties style. Eclectic colors and geometric prints are the hallmark of the nineties, but interpreting that as the brightest, boldest Aztec prints you can find is a more current take on the look.

The backwards cap

Arguably one of the most prominent trends of the nineties, the backwards cap still oozes sardonic un-coolness. You can only adopt the backwards cap into your outfit if you?re truly committed to the nineties swag look.

Starter jackets

Keep warm ?and cool!- in a Starter jacket. One of the biggest trends of the early 1990s, Starter jackets are branded with the colors and logos of sports team, and are incredibly shiny. You don?t need to have any particular affiliation with the team to wear one, and now that the trend has long faded into obscurity, you might be lucky enough to pick one up in an op shop.

Making it modern

Those who nail nineties clothing usually mix in something modern. A tank top with Kanye West?s face on it is the perfect example. It drips with nineties style, but its affiliations are current. Similarly, there are some modern brands which weren?t available twenty years ago, but fit in perfectly with nineties style, such as Boy London. Tee shirts or jumpers with modern hip hop song lyrics, or the name of a band or artist, are another great way to channel the 1990s while adding in a modern twist. Back then, you would wear tops emblazoned with Run-D.M.C., now, you might wear something with some Drake lyrics (although Run-D.M.C. branded clothing is never going to go out of style).

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