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Dress Yourself Rich

You don?t need to be a millionaire to dress like one. Here?s how to make yourself appear rich, even if you barely have coins to rub together after buying the right clothes.

Wear the classics

Forget the trends. Wear classic pieces which look good, no matter what?s on the runways this season. The Ivy League look is a perfect example of the clothes you should be investing in. Items such as cardigans, sport jackets, and Oxfords will make you look a cut above the rest.

Know the good brands

There are some designers that are favored by old money, and there are others which are known for being a bit tackier. Brands such as Ralph Lauren, Armani and Lacoste are best for clothes, and Bulgari and Gucci for accessories. You don?t want to be doused in labels, but it makes you look rich if you don at least one branded item. This is where dressing rich is going to seriously cost you; if you don?t think it?s worth paying for designer items, focus on getting a good fit from lower-end brands instead.

Get pastel

Rather than going for bright colors, wear neutral shades, with a splash of pastel. While eye-popping colors are immensely stylish, they can come across as trashy. You require a more understated look if you want to seem like you have money in the bank.

Have a good haircut

Wave goodbye to the budget salon where you lay down a few dollars for a quick and easy haircut. Invest some time into finding a hairstyle which suits you, and give your patronage to a barber who is willing to spend more than five minutes giving you a basic cut. An unprofessional haircut can make you look really cheap.

It?s all about the small touches

The right accessories can transform you into looking like the kind of guy with cash to splash. The best part is this: to achieve the look, the number one rule is keeping it simple. You don?t need to shell out for an assortment of jewelry, when one or two pieces are all you should be wearing at once. Invest in a designer watch which you can wear every day.

Vary your other accessories according to the occasion. For example, a tie clip is a perfect affluent-looking adornment, but of course it can only be worn with a tie. Usually, one piece of jewelry other than a watch, such as a necklace or ring, will give you a more elegant touch.

Not too flashy

Most actual rich people do not dress ostentatiously, even though they can best afford it. They see no reason to blow all their money on name-brands, and this is probably why they have money. Plenty of rich old guys even look shabby (although taking this far is not stylish). The lesson here is to avoid draping yourself in as much jewelry and designer brands as you can get your hands on. It is much more sophisticated to only have one or two stand-out pieces in your outfit.

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