The Grocery Store Pick Up

It?s difficult to flirt in an environment completely removed from the usual places people look for some action. But if you get the opportunity, picking up which you pick up some groceries is a challenge that can be worth it.

Is she approachable?

The supermarket has different rules to the nightclub. The hottie by the cheese section is not there to talk to you; she is there to pick up some Gouda. You can?t just approach the first woman you lay eyes on. You need to confirm that she actually wants to talk to you. To do this, you need to communicate with eye contact before you breathe a word. Try to catch her eye. If you can?t manage to make eye contact with her, forget it. She can probably see you trying to catch her attention, and is deliberately ignoring you.

You should also pay attention to what?s in her basket or trolley, as this will give you clues as to how available she is. If she?s holding a basket of ready meals, she?s probably single. But if she?s pushing a trolley full of groceries, that?s a clear sign that she?s shopping for the family.

Building rapport over time

Picking up in the supermarket works best if you have seen her around previously. If it?s a local supermarket for both of you, you may have seen her around before. This will give you the chance to build interest slowly. Knowing that you will see her there on a regular basis means that there is no urgency to asking her out. One week you might exchange a meaningful glance, the next you might strike up a conversation in the pasta aisle, the week after that you might ask her if she?d like to go out for dinner.

Building rapport in twenty minutes

Let?s say you?ve never seen her before, and don?t have the luxury of building rapport over time. You can actually build rapport over the time it takes you to do your shopping trip. Make sure that you cross paths with her several times in the supermarket, making eye contact every time until you think she might be interested. You may have to traverse the supermarket aisles in a zig-zagging way that makes no sense in order to orchestrate this. She probably won?t notice, as she will be concentrating on her own shopping trip rather than mentally mapping out yours.

Striking up conversation

It?s difficult to talk about anything except groceries when you?re in the supermarket. You can try to comment on something in her basket- ?TV dinner for one? Me too!? is a funny and effective ice-breaker. Or, you could comment that she has an interesting selection of ingredients. Saying that she herself looks interesting, and then introducing yourself, is another option if you have the confidence to carry it off. By the point you get to actually saying anything, you should have locked eyes enough times that she is already interested, so what you?re saying isn?t quite as important. Now you just have to get her out of the supermarket and onto a date!


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